It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Ali Rajabi!

My PicturesmLet me start my blog with the name of GOD.

First and most, I want to thank Scott who gave me this chance to show up here today.
Hi, I am Ali Rajabi, 29 From Tehran, Iran. Photographer and Photoshop Instructor.

Before I go to the main story of my blog, I’d like to mention that Photoshop World Conference and Expo 2010 was not just simply a memorable experience for me but basically that was the first step to realize my dream. Something I’d been waiting for for a long time. I ultimately happened to meet those who I used to see just on the internet. In the next step, it was a new start point to fly high in the Photoshop and Photography world. I’m always Thirsty about learning and trying hard, I hope one day I will instruct in this huge event. I’m sure I won’t sleep well till then. I STRONGLY BELIEVE this is not the CHANCE that KNOCKS on our door, this is RATHER US who BUILD THE OPPORTUNITY FOR OURSELVES.

So let’s hope to see that day…

Well, I wondered what to prepare for today’s blog, something brief, fruitful and pragmatic. Finally , I decided to project some of my photos here. I thought they must be useful for all who love Photography or somehow are interested in Art. So, I’ve chosen some of my pictures I took from different parts of IRAN. The Nature, People, Colors… all can be exciting for you ( Hopefully :D ).

Let’s start with Gheshm Island in southern IRAN. The Island is so eye catching and almost very hot in all 4 seasons of the year.

Here is STARS VALLEY , One of the most popular Tourist attractions of the Island with Huge ROCKS.

Picture 1sm

Another beautiful area of Gheshm is a Village called LAFT. What makes it appealing is that village has 365 wells and people have enough water during the year because at least one well is automatically full in a day.

Picture 2sm

Children of LAFT are very interested in fishing.

Picture 3sm

Picture 4sm

Both Pictures were taken in an unbelievable afternoon. The sunset and the clouds in Gheshm are incredible.

Picture 5sm

Picture 6sm

Another attractive natural landscape in Iran is the desert. Iran’s deserts appeal a large number of photographers each year. SHAHDAD Sahara  is a picturesque sample which is located near Kerman. An interesting thing about Shahdad desert is that it has one of the warmest climates of the Earth. The temprature there, is 100 degree (C) and above. So even bacteria can not survive here. This picture is a part of Shahdad Desert.

Picture 7sm

This one is one of my favorites. When you stand alone here you feel so close to GOD. Hey by the way this part also reminds me of the Grand Canyon.

Picture 8sm

One thing that always attracts in a desert path is traditional inns. You can rest and relax there. Here is a view from the inside.

Picture 9sm

The following photo is one of the most perfect attraction of Shahdad Desert for photographers.

Picture 10sm

And here I am and my dear friend Mehdi who is a Photoshop instructor, too. I remember it was really cold that morning.

Picture 11sm

There are also unique views in north part of Iran. Such as Kordestan and other tonic landscapes that attract tourists from around the world. There is a village called Ouramanat  in which locals have farmers and do agriculture.

Picture 12sm

You should not miss Kordestan during the spring (April and May). It’s all colorful and seductive in this time of the year, and the climate Is so pleasing by then.

Picture 13sm

Picture 14sm

Horse riding and instruction are both traditional but common professions of the region.

Picture 15sm

I told you a lot about the nature in Iran. Let’s have a picture here of Tehran, the Capital city of the Country. It feeds a population of 11 or 12 million. Tehran is really crowded and polluted. Where I have grew up. As you see here the right side of the Photo is Milad Tower. It’s almost 430 Meters and is considered as one of the highest buildings in the world.

Picture 16sm

Also, There are many historical places in Iran that I can’t show here. For Example, TAKHTE JAMSHID (PERSEPOLIS) is one of them. The Palaces of the Kings in PERSEPOLIS goes back to 2500 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I want to thank all great masters of Photoshop and photography from whom I have learned. I owe them for the great job they have done;

Scott Kelby, Katrin Eismann, Dave Cross ,Matt Kloskowski, Deke Mclelland, Moose Peterson, Joe Mcnally, Bert Monroy, John Paul Caponigro, Ben Willmore, RC , Corey Barker and ……

All who I forgot to remember here, but after all I should to appreciate and say THANK YOU to Amir Eyvazzadeh, who first taught me Photoshop. GOD bless you all. I have no one more reliable and powerful than him. And I wish you all health and happiness. By the way here is my website address, If you like don’t hesitate to contact me there.

Hope to see you soon.

Ali Rajabi

  1. This is a great Guest Blog post. I got to hang out with Ali at PSW, and he’s the real deal. What I love the most here is that through his passion he was able to share a window to a very beautiful world – one that we don’t often get to see.

    Thanks so much for that…


  2. Ali, you are such an inspiration to me! I can only imagine trying to get to your country for a passion that I live for. I hope to meet you some day. Your pictures are wonderful and I could not wait to read your blog so I awoke in the middle of the night to read it. Godspeed to you and your country.

  3. Thank you Ali (and thank you Scott again for your great guests)!

    I am very glad that you shared some of your photos…beautiful shots of beautiful places!! Great work!!!

  4. Ali, I was so inspired by your story at Photoshop World. As someone who started taking online foreign language classes tonight, I am also impressed that in addition to your work in photography and editing, you can communicate effectively to an audience that doesn’t speak your native language.

    Your images are lovely. I am especially drawn to the courtyard at the inn. May God continue to bless you.

  5. I am so thrilled hearing a story like that….it’s the kind of story you wan’t to hear..the kind of story we have the need to hear..because it’s so inspired and give us the power to chase our own dreams. Thank you Ali…your work is amazing…hope to meet you somewhere..maybe in another Photoshop world… someday….take care

  6. Ali, what a great way to start your post… “I STRONGLY BELIEVE this is not the CHANCE that KNOCKS on our door, this is RATHER US who BUILD THE OPPORTUNITY FOR OURSELVES.” I’m not sure I could have said it any better.

    I’m glad you were able to make it to Photoshop World and I’m glad I got to meet you! Your guest blog has been a nice window into your world. Thanks for sharing your passion, with me and everyone else. I look forward to spending time with you again.

  7. Ali, good for you in pursuing your dream. Congrats on your guest post, well done. Your PSW story is one of true inspiration. It is great to see a new guest here week after week who do truly inspire.


  8. I’ve been wanting to go to Iran and Iraq and I can only hope that the region becomes stable again. There’s so much of our western history to be found there, that it’d be a shame to miss out on it.
    Thanks for giving us a taste of it, and hope to go to the region soon(-ish).

  9. Great to see your post here this morning, Ali. I had enjoyed reading Scott’s story of your journey to Photoshop World and thought it was a great testament to how one should pursue their passion.

    “Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.” — Les Brown

    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

    Continue the pursuit!


  10. This is not the CHANCE that KNOCKS on our door, this is RATHER US who BUILD THE OPPORTUNITY FOR OURSELVES.
    Woooow !
    I’m Proud of You My Dear Friend …

  11. Ali, it was such a pleasure to meet you in Orlando and to hear your wonderful story. Now you have shared your wonderful photography and given us view of your world. Thank you so much and Roger and I wish you the very best.

  12. Ali,
    As an Iranian American, I am very proud of your story. Reading about your journey to Orlando reminds me and everyone else how easy we have it here. I live one hour from Tampa where Scott and several other Photoshop people are based and I’m going to go on Scott’s Photowalk next month. You have beautiful pictures in your blog and on your web site. Continue the great work! Offarreen!

  13. Ali,

    Awesome images. I especially like that landscape shot of the Shahdad desert. Beautiful. May your dreams ALL come true, and God bless you too.



  14. What a great trip! I love your website too, the interactive elements are fun and I like how your portfolio is set up. Very lovely images you make, Ali. I pray your path continues on toward your dream! Thanks for sharing.

  15. As someone who is pursuing his dream I can totally understand where your are coming from…

    It has always been my dream to attend Photoshop World and take pictures with “The Photoshop Guys” (how geeky is that, when your heroes are Internet Celebrities) and lear from them and participate of stuff that I have only seen in books.

    I though this was going to be the year, but then the economy intervene and I lost my job (not to make it a sob story), so those dreams are now at the bottom of the list.

    Enough about me, Ali, those are great photos and I will like to add that people get so involved into politics and judgement that they seem to forget that there is more than that… Your country and their look beautiful (a side we never get to see) and I wish GOD will grant me opportunity to someday visit.

    AWESOME Pictures!

  16. I’d just like to say congratulations for following your dreams! Great guest post.

    Also, not to get preachy or political or anything, but Iran is a beautiful and safe country. Western media gives it a bad rap, but i’ve been very interested in visiting there and hope to in the next two years. Unfortunately, as an American you have to join a tour to visit Iran. I’d always hoped to travel on my own by car. Maybe someday.

    And one last thing that many American’s don’t know. Iran and it’s surrounding countries, while having some similarities, don’t share many others. Yes, they both are of Islamic Faith, but people from Iran are first and foremost Persians. NOT Arabs. Big difference.

    Ali, maybe some day if i come there we can meet and fullfill my dream of visiting Iran. Thanks for your inspirational post.

    1. I’m so Excited that you Know the Persians very Well , Yes We are Persians

      not Arabs , We have 7000 years of History ……

      I hope you will come Iran Soon and Enjoy the Nature and Landscapes…..

      Take care

  17. Hi Ali,

    I’ve been looking forward to your post since I first heard your story on Scott’s site. I hoped then that you would have a great experience at the event and it certainly sounds like you got that and more.

    It’s great that you’ve been able to share images of Iran (a country steaped with history) with lots of people here and show us how beautiful a country it is. Coming from Northern Ireland, I’m used to the outside world having a negative image of my home country because of ‘The Troubles’, so I can empathise in your enthusiasm for sharing the beauty of your home country with people who only know of it via the negative images seen on TV and the press.

    Your website is cool and you clearly have great Photoshop & photographic skills (I love ‘Many me’, ‘ Many me ceremony’, ‘Beginning to Believe’ and ‘Love you’ to name but a few). That, combined with your passion, ambition and drive, will surely get you on that PSW stage sooner rather than later.

    All the very best,


    PS I didn’t see a blog on your website, do you intend to have start one in the near future by any chance?

  18. Ali,
    Thanks for sharing your images from your homeland. We don’t get a chance here in the US to see many and it’s always surprising and refreshing to see how much beauty exists everywhere in this wonderful world of ours.

  19. Thank you Ali for your photos and blog. Reading it, I realized that I had never seen pictures of Iran before. Beautiful. I would love to visit someday. Best to you and your family.

  20. Ali – Your images are beautiful! Stunning. And your words… heartwarming! Through your kindness, gentle articulation and stunning images, I feel you’ve done a great service to us, the Iranian people and your beautiful country by sharing such warmth with us. Governments may differ – but people appear to share and enjoy the same basic joys of life. I love your website and, wow, amazing images! Hard pressed to pick a favorite (“Gone to Soon” to “Women’s Secret) – love them all, your photographic image and style are as unique as you are!

    Wish I had met you in Orlando… Someday perhaps?


    Take care Ali, you’ve brought us all closer!


  21. You are indeed a great ambassador for your country. Images we don’t don’t normally see. Hard to imagine 100 degree heat from down here in New Zealand. All the very best for the future.

  22. Ali, may I first commend you for the great faith that you have for humanity and the Creator, which resonates with ease within you and through every spoken word.
    I have been a member of Napp for about two years now, and although I follow Scott and the Photoshop crew just about everyday (GREAT team), I do not have much of a presence in Napp’s blog community.
    I Know all about your story, and for the very first time that I got hold of it, it has capture my attention, leaving an example of gratitude and humility that is hard to follow and hard to forget. For such a young man, you have a remarkable way of looking at humanity and that to me, specially in the world we live in today, goes a long way. I for example at the age of 62, find myself at times uninspired and resentful of the lack of care and respect that we show for each other, even in our own backyard. When I just look at the time that you took to answer EVERY single comment, man, no doubt that you must have very proud parents. Your actions and your words are exemplary and your work and enthusiasm outshines any difficulty that you might encounter following your path. You are such a great inspiration and thanks for reminding me, constantly, that we should never give up hope!
    Take care, my friend

    1. I am so happy that you follow my story and thanks for your warm

      words….. I wish healthy and happiness for you and your Family


      YES, We should never give up hope , this is the MAIN RULE of SUCCESS…..

      Take care my Dear Friends

  23. Salam
    I was seen your Portfolio on NAPP last year, I like your work and now I’m so happy to see you here…
    We have same dreams… I read Scott’s Digital photography book 3 years ago and now I see PSUTV, Layers TV and D-Town TV every week and I hope to see “The Photoshop Guys” in person…
    Thank you…
    PS: I’m live Tehran and it’s my pleasure to see you.

  24. Hey Ali,
    I’m glad you got to showcase your work here and show the world how beautiful Iran really is. Believe me folks when I say you have seen nothing yet. I’ve been to Iran 3 times now and just love the place, its people and beauty. Places like Isfahan, Shiraz, Abyaneh, Perspolis and many more are just wonders of the world.
    The next time I am in Iran which will be pretty soon I hope, I will definitely pay you a visit.

  25. There are some great images here. Though in some sense the world might seem smaller, in a another sense, there is so much more to see and learn from.
    Hope to visit that little village called Laft someday.

  26. Ali,
    Wow! I am so impressed and inspired with your work, your faith, and this beautiful post. Can’t wait to see more of your work in the coming years!

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