It’s “Guest Blog Wednesday” featuring Zack Arias!


I have the honor of being a guest blogger today. I was told that I could blog about anything I wanted to. I’ve made a video instead of writing. I hope you enjoy this.

Zack Arias

  1. I actually cried ar watching  feZck for a while now c’t tell yu how much thi video has moved and motivated me, been lookg for itever sinc i heard of it and Chase mentioned it again and i justha tocome see yself, honestly One day i hope to do good things wth photography as we…

  2. Beautiful Zack. Thank you for bringing in important things like “why”. You are very inspiring – in case you didn’t know :-) Thank you!

  3. Zack, more than 7 years on I still have not been able to forget this video. I’ve wanted to be a full time photographer since 2007. I am now in my notice month at my “day-job”. From October 1st, 2016 I will finally be a full time photographer. (A happy coincidence is that October 1st is my birthday.) It is both exciting and scary. Undoubtedly I will watch this video a lot more in the months to come. There should be a hall of fame for this video. Thank you again for the timeless inspiration you have provided.

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