It’s “Lots of Quick News” (and it’s “Big Adobe Event” Tuesday)

Adobe’s online Creative Cloud event is today!
It’s the one where they’re unveiling what’s next in the Creative Cloud is today, and I’m part of the presentation (I’ll be talking a little about the cloud itself, but then later on I’m doing a segment called “Hidden Gems” where I’ll be showing some new stuff and some little-known existing features in Photoshop.

When: TODAY, December 11th, 2012
Time: 10:00 PST (1:00 pm New York Time)
Where: Here's the link.  

My new book is already sold out
But if you didn’t get your order in yesterday, you can still order the Print edition from and they’ll deliver it as soon as the next batch hits their warehouse — here's the link just in case.

If you can’t wait ’till then, it’s available right now from Apple’s iBook Store (for IOS) — here's the link

Submit your images for our “Blind Critiques” episode of “The Grid”
If you’d like to have your photography considered for TOMORROW”s blind critiques (we show your images but don’t mention your name on the air), just leave us a link to your images AT THIS ADDRESS:

We’ll pick 20 or so photographer’s work to go over on the show (not based on who posted first — we choose based on showing variety and images we think can help our viewers), and the live show is broadcast TOMORROW at 4:00 pm ET at  — see you on “The Grid”

Catch Matt Kloskowski on “The Hallmark Channel’s: Home & Family”
That’s right, our own homegrown Mattski is going to be a guest Wednesday on broadcast TV on the Hallmark Channel’s show, “Home & Family.” They’ll be talking about photography and Photoshop and what Matt uses to make his hair so shiny, so make sure you tune in. Here’s the details:

When: Wednesday at 9:00 am ET
Where: The Hallmark Channel (check your local cable guide)
When Again: It’s possible it’s not at 9:00 am everywhere, so again, check your cable guide.

Want more megapixels? Be careful what you wish for. 
I was reminded this week how large the file sizes are for images I shoot with my Nikon D800. I grabbed a hard drive to copy around 1,000 images I took in Cuba, and I was shocked to see that it wouldn’t fit on the drive because it was a whopping 43 Gigbytes!!! I looked at what the Raw files were from my Nikon D3s, and for around 1,000 Raw files it was 1/3 the size (around 15GB) and for the same number of JPEGs from a similar camera it around 6GB. I’ll shoot more than 1,000 photos at any given football game in just three hours (glad I’m shooting JPEG).

Anyway, I added a chart below with the specs. Eyeopening. (And yes, I know it’s just simple math, and that hard drive space has never been cheaper, but until you actually try and copy that many GB and your hard drive says “Not enough room” and you think, “Nah, it can’t be” you found out, “Oh, it be.”).

You will get a kick out of this video!
I know I’m probably the 15,000th person to share this very cute Jimmy Fallon/Mariah Carey rendition of Mariah’s “All I want for Christmas is You” Christmas song, but Kalebra and I just watched it a few mornings ago and it really got us in the Christmas Spirit (and I’ve been singing it ever since).

Hope it makes your Holiday, and your Tuesday a little brighter. :-)

Gotta run!
Hope to see you all today at the Adobe event (it’s free!). Cheers, -Scott 

  1. Scott, Your book made my day. I’ve only skimmed the sample in iBooks but it just seems to be pitch perfect. I appreciate the open and honest account without any of the baggage. Well done.

  2. Merry Jul Scott,

    Im just wondering, living in Florida, do you guys go all “Griswold” on your house during Christmas? Some do here in Northern Ontario, and some go way over

  3. “My new book is already sold outBut if you didn’t get your order in yesterday, you can still order the Print edition and they’ll deliver it as soon as the next batch hits their warehouse”

    You mean to say, Scott, there’s a *second coming* of your book? ;-)

  4. Can you tell us if the retina update is available for perpetual license people who aren’t using creative cloud? I’ve been holding off on a retina macbook for Adobe to update. Hope they use the full resolution for the images, too.

  5. I do wish Adobe would realize that there are people who use their product(s) and who have no intention of programming web apps or content. I really could give a rat’s axx about all the products in their Creative Cloud except LR4 and CS6+. I use these 2 products for work flow and image processing for my and other’s enjoyment

    If Adobe is going down this road; then create a Cloud Lite. I will gladly update my software (if it makes economic/ feature driven sense) at the appropriate time. Unfortunately Adobe has embarked on a monthly cash flow path (Cloud) which provides little current value from this user’s point of view.

    It was comical to watch Adobe’s announcement with the knowledge that only 5% of their user base really cares.

  6. Adobe release 13.0.2 update(retina support only) for licenses photoshop users, and 13.1 updates (full featured updates) for cloud photoshop users. This officially divides photoshop users into 2 classes, cloud users as first class, licensed users as second class. The licensed photoshop becomes photoshop lite, or the “lame-duck” version, as I call it. What a “Ingenious” idea and practice, Adobe!

    1. yes, this is very disturbing! people who purchased do not get the upgrade. only people who lease PS get the new features? WT? I paid good money and it seems like things like people who purchase are getting shorted. imagine people who buy a house not being able to have the new channel on TV, only renters? WT? Things “conditional actions” would be very useful. I am not sure where this path is leading, but it sure smells funny.

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