How To Build An Audience In Instagram with Scott Kelby
Take your Instagram presence to the next level! Join Scott Kelby as he shares everything he’s learned about creating an interesting and compelling Instagram account that encourages people to interact and follow you. This is an incredibly important time to be on Instagram since it is the only social media platform that is made specifically for photography. In this class Scott explains the advantages Instagram has over other social media outlets, how to work with your images before posting, the importance of captioning, why you need to use hashtags, and all kinds of tips and tricks to help you develop a strategy for growing your Instagram audience and have fun doing it. Keep an eye out for this class later today at!

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  1. Having heard so many times about this class on The Grid, I can say for sure it is a really anticipated one!

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  3. Looks great – please could you give us an intro to the new Boundary Warp facility in the latest release of LR/Camera Raw – I’ve not downloaded yet, but hoping it is not too clunky

  4. This is a class I’ve been looking forward to after hearing about it on the Grid!

  5. Really looking forward to this class! When does it go live?
    @balbo42 on Instagram

  6. I won a book the last time I posted, so you really shouldn’t PICK ME for the free month of membership!

  7. Rock on, just when you think theres nothing new to cover, Kelby comes along with new and fresh stuff…thanks man!

  8. Great class idea!

  9. Loved the class! For some reason the Hashtags video wouldn’t work, though. I click to play it and it plays as if there is no video and moves right along to the next segment. Is it just me?

  10. I know I could use this class!

  11. After 35+ years of photography, there is always something new to learn!

  12. This sounds quite interesting

  13. Be really neat to get a handle on Instragram, can’t wait

  14. Looks like augusta precious (below) found a way through your spam filter! :-)

  15. Greetings from Singapore Scott. Great class on Instagram! What would be golden is a video on your workflow for clods like me who have never used Lightroom outside the desktop environment. It would be great to see exactly how you actually get your Instagram photos on your iPhone.

  16. I have a feeling this will be one very useful class. Would love to win a 1 month subscription!

  17. Probably the most eagerly anticipated course for a long time. I just started on Instagram after a few Grid episodes ago (@kanaphotography) so anything that helps is greatly appreciated.

  18. Hi Guys, I’ve been looking forward to this class for weeks and it didn’t disappoint! I’m not a pro but I’ve been getting reposts of my Greece and Spain shots every day from tourism Instagram accounts which have been getting 1000’s of likes on their feed, it has brought me more followers but not in the numbers Scott was talking about lol I’m nearly up to 300 which may not sound a lot but I’m happy enough. Like I said I’m not a pro and my images are no where near as good as those who are but just by using the right Hashtags it can get you noticed. If anyone would like to see some examples of images I’ve had reposted and the comparison of likes on their page to mine I have made a post on my Exposure site or if you’d like to follow me on Instagram I’d really appreciate it :-) I have 2 accounts @GaryP_M for Travel Photography and @Gary_P_P for Street Photography.
    Thank again Scott for the great class, I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham soon! So pleased you’re coming to the UK :-)

  19. This is an area I need to further educate myself. Thank you Scott for putting this together, I can’t wait to watch it!

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