It’s New Class Thursday!


Adobe InDesign Basics: Creating a Custom Flyer for Your Business with Dave Clayton
Get started with InDesign by creating a versatile flyer for a business. Join Dave Clayton as he shows you all of the key elements you need to know to do your first project with InDesign. Dave gives you a firm foundation for customizing InDesign to match your needs, then shows you all of the steps needed to complete the project and deliver to your client. You’ll learn how to add images and quickly send them to Photoshop for any tweaks needed to fit the design, how to add text and style it, how to align all of the elements to create a design that is pleasing to the eye, how to include interactivity and save out PDFs for both print and electronic delivery, and so much more. By the end of the class you’ll have created a great looking flyer that can serve as a design template for a variety of projects.

This class will be available today at Leave a comment for your chance to win a free 1-month KelbyOne membership!

Last Week’s Winner
– GeorgeA

If that’s you, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

  1. We use InDesign to build our newspaper so I only know what I know and haven’t ventured out. Gonna watch this weekend with a big bowl of popcorn. Thanks Dave (and Kelby team)

  2. Have just signed up for the fill CC experience after months of reorganizing budgets… now I want to get the full value. This looks like a great way to start flying with ID.

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