Master FX: Real Movie Poster Effects with Corey Barker
In this course Corey Barker will take you through building a Hollywood movie poster effect starting with a simple studio shot. Ready to learn the techniques used to build a typical Hollywood movie poster? Join Corey as he leads you step-by-step starting with a simple studio shot and building it into a full design. Check it out today at!

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  1. Corey is unsurpassed in his skills, but how does he find time to improve his skills when everyone at KelbyOne seems to work so hard? It must be genius.

  2. Corey’s got mad skillz!

  3. Corey’s new Master FX class looks awesome!

  4. Happy Days. Will certainly be watching this one.

  5. Corey’s class is awesome!!

  6. Something new to learn every week

  7. This was a fun class! It has been a while since I did any full composite work. Thanks for this one, Corey! Here’s my take on the image. I went with a different color scheme and title. I wasn’t able to get the same lighting effects on the 3D text since the computer I made it on has limited capabilities in that department, but I did get an extrusion to render.

    More of this, please! <3

  8. That looks like a very interesting course!

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