It’s Pimpy Thursday!

Hey Gang, Brad here with yet another installment of Pimpy Thursday! Got LOTS of stuff today, so let’s get to it…

First off, I just want to thank the great folks over at Capture Integration for letting Scott and I try out the Phase One 645 DF and Leaf Aptus-II 80MP Digital Back. They rent gear too, so check them out!

Another Day with Jay Maisel
If you missed the live broadcast of Another Day with Jay Maisel on Monday night, the class is now available over at! How good is it? I was there for both the taping of the class AND the live broadcast, and I still got caught up watching it when I went to get the graphic at the top of this post!

The HDR Book
Rafael “RC” Concepcion’s brand new book, The HDR Book, is now available! We just got our first shipment of books in here, and RC’s already been busy signing the first copies. You can pick yours up at, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. We also have “The Killer HDR Bundle” available which gets you RC’s book and Matt Kloskowski’s Mastering HDR DVD!

$35 Off Perfect Layers for NAPP Members
Perfect Layers is the fast and easy way to create layered files with Photoshop Lightroom or Apple Aperture. With Perfect Layers you can create and edit multi-layered Photoshop files directly from Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture, or use it to combine images from almost any  application. Use it to change skies, composite multiple images together and retouch portraits using the built-in blend modes. We’re excited to provide you powerful layered functionality that seamlessly integrates into your photography workflow.

As a valued NAPP member, you get an exclusive $35 discount when you pre-order Perfect Layers today. The $35 discount means you can reserve your copy of Perfect Layers 1.0 for only $94.95 – the lowest price anywhere! Click here for more information and to place your pre-order today.

If you’re not already a NAPP member, sign up by June 30 and you’ll get Matt Kloskowski’s new DVD Tack Sharp! Sharpening Techniques in Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3, plus you’ll get an extra month for FREE! Just use the promo code TACK1 when you sign up.

Kelby Training Live
Ben Willmore is bringing the Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished Tour to Milwaukee, WI on June 20 and Nashville, TN on June 22! Head over to for all the details and to register.

Dave Cross Workshops
Dave Cross has opened his new Education Center. Based in Tampa Florida, this unique learning center houses a working photo studio and classroom, and offers hands-on small group workshops on Photoshop, photography, Lightroom and more. Workshops will be taught by Dave Cross and guest instructors such as Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Joel Grimes, Jason Groupp and many other leading industry experts. Training sessions will range from one-day workshops to multi-day boot camps, aimed at beginners through advanced users.

Use the code “SUMMERSCHOOL” to receive $100 off all workshop in June – August. Very shortly there will also be a NAPP discount available.

Frank Doorhof’s Why Fake It When You Can Create It
Frank Doorhof will be in Boston on September 11 with his Why Fake It When You Can Create It Workshop! He’ll be covering everything from light meters and lighting, to creativity on a budget, doing live shoots, and post processing in Photoshop. Get all the info, see potential future dates and locations, and register over at

Got a few different reviews here, so I’m just going to post what the review is for and the link to the site :)

Kelby Training AppThe Best App Site

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! NYCThe Roving Photographer

50 Must-Read Photography BooksPixiq (not necessarily a review, but includes books from Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Chris Orwig, Dan Margulis, and some of my other favorite photographers!)

Other Cool Stuff
And I’ll leave you with a few kind of random but fun photo-related items to check out:

Photographer’s Life Through The Lens – This is an infographic based on interviews with 20 leading photographers (including Scott Kelby!) which is just cool to see :)

Eye-Fi + iPad = iAwesome – Okay, that was kinda cheesy, I admit, but the photo crew over at BYU is using this new technology to show their photos to their subjects and art directors almost instantly as they’re working on photo shoots! Definitely worth the 3 minutes to check it out.

Take A Ride on the B&H Conveyer System – So, you’ve heard about the infamous conveyer system at the B&H Superstore in Manhattan, but you’ve never seen it in action. Or maybe you have, but you’ve always wanted to take a ride on it and gotten kicked out of the store when you tried (just kidding ;) ). Here’s your chance to see exactly what the products see as they take a ride from their department to the checkout! – This is a new online photo community that’s rapidly growing in popularity! It’s a great way to discover amazing photographers, share your own work, and get feedback from others. You can also use it as a portfolio site and blog! If you need a place to start, you can check out my account that I just set up this weekend ;)

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Wow! Brad, you made up for last week’s semi-lame Pimpy Thursday! Such much info today. Great offer on Kelby Training, but I jumped on the $20 off offer on Monday. Oh, well…I’ll just watch Matt’s class on-line instead.

    Would have loved to go to Frank Doorhof’s class in Boston, but I’ll be back at work then. I’ll have to wait for a future PSW to see him again.

    Thanks again!!


  2. To save others the hassle:

    Eye-Fi cards are ONLY SD-compatible (not CF). They also do NOT work with CF adapters.

    Bummer for us chumps that use CF…

      1. Thanks Brad, it was a little shocker to see noodz when I wasn’t expecting it. I’d rather not lose my internet privileges. Usually, I see a warning like the guest blogger did about content and I can use my better judgement in those instances.

  3. The wi-fi & ShutterSnitch combination caught my attention. I now have them installed and my iPad is getting images within a few of seconds. The trial run was a cheesy hand the iPad to a willing model, shoot them and watch their eyes bug out and then a big smile as their picture appeared in front of them. Tomorrow, with cooperative weather, I’ll try it out shooting landscapes.

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