Dave Cross and Corey Barker square off during Photoshop Wars in the Dell booth at Photoshop World Las Vegas 2010.

Hey gang, Brad here with the news for this week:

TOMORROW is the LIVE NAPP webcast featuring Dave Cross and Corey Barker sponsored by Dell!  They’ll be taking the stage to present a bevy (yes, bevy) of their coolest Photoshop Tips & Tricks, plus it’s open to the public, plus plus they’re giving away FREE prizes! So register now for your chance to win, then tune in tomorrow at NOON Eastern on that same page.

Matt Kloskowski will be bringing the Photoshop for Digital Photographers seminar to the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle on November 18! You can get all the details and sign up right here.

Speaking of Matt, episode 56 of DTown TV with he and Scott Kelby will be going up soon right here. Here’s what’s in the next episode:

  • Matt and Scott discuss using different types of autofocus for different situations
  • Moose Peterson’s amazing new wildlife photography book, Captured, is now in stock at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!
  • Larry Becker has a Cheap Shots tip on “photographer’s shirts” as an alternative to photo vests
  • Check out the brand new Larry’s Cheap Shots blog!
  • Scott’s in the photo studio with a tip on using v-flats reflectors as backgrounds
  • Cliff Mautner shares how he stays motivated when photographing tons of weddings every year
  • Check out the work of aviation photographer Tyson V. Rininger!

There’s still time to vote and/or enter in the free Kelby TV photo contest sponsored by Dell and Intel! The winner will receive a brand new Dell Precision M6500 laptop (the same laptop used in Photoshop Wars at Photoshop World)! Visit KelbyTV.com/photocontest by October 31 to vote and enter. (Voting is open to everyone, submissions open to U.S. residents)

Looking for a great way to present your portfolio on your iPad? Jason Lykins recently did a review on the “Portfolio for iPad” app over on BestAppSite.com. Check it out!

That’s it for today. Swing by tomorrow for some BIG news, and for a cool story about a gray card (yes, gray cards can be cool ;) )!

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  1. “with him and Scott Kelby”, not “with he …” With is a preposition.

  2. Hey Brad, thanks for the update and the ‘heads up’ re D Town

    The BIG new sounds intriguing. Scott eluded to something when we were with him in London but despite taking him into a darkened room and Dave Clayton shining a very bright light in his eyes, he said nothing, so I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow :)

    All the best to you,

  3. In all do respect, if I had to use a Dell to work on Photoshop I probably wouldn’t use it any more. At this stage I should say. Because when I first started using Photoshop I used a really slow computer but it was all I knew.

    Miami, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas

  4. Jeremy Cowart didnt make Pimpy Thursdays?

  5. In all due respect to Dwayne above, I use a Dell exclusively. :) I figure if a Dell is good enough for Moose Peterson, it’s good enough for me. I almost never have issues with my PCs and Photoshop. Of course, I understand that I am, perhaps, in the minority here. I also shoot Canon, which I love.
    Thanks for an excellent “Pimpy” Thursday!

    • Mike, I had isues with the new Nik Hdr Pro until I found out its 64bit and I use 32bit Cs5. There is a patch coming out soon. Nik told me to use it as a stand alone and it works great! I have too much invested in my PC to change. You are probably not as much a minority as you feel you are!! :)

  6. Oh, I hope we don’t see a “PC vs. Mac” battle start here again! :D Seriously, I think the Dell computer has a lot of horsepower in it, so performance would not be an issue. Now giving up the usage rights to your pictures to get the chance to win one?….that’s another story! :(

    BTW, isn’t it correct to say “WITH all due respect…”? I have never heard it said any other way, until today.

    Thanks, Brad, for a kick-butt post!


  7. I agree with John about giving away the usage of the photo forever. I’ve stopped entering contests because they all want it for free. Would they be willing to do their job for free?

  8. Dwayne:

    Thats funny.. cause right this very moment im moving all of my stuff off the Macbook Pro and putting it on a Dell Precision M4500. I find the 4500 and the 6500 (which I dub, “The Smack0Lantern”) just performs better for me.


  9. Thanks for mentioning Tyson’s work. He’s an amazing aviation photographer and a really nice guy.

  10. BIG News! Are we finally going to get access to movies on Kelby Training on our beloved iPads????

  11. Big News!!? I hope it is the ability to watch Kelby Training Videos on our beloved iPad’s?? Would be AWESOME! Keep up the great job Scott!

  12. Brad, why is it that the iTunes version of the DTown TV episodes is always way later available than the website edition…?

  13. Hi Scott! Hey, thanks for the plug in your program. And many thanks for sharing your incredible wealth of knowledge with the rest of photographic community. You rock!


  14. Is there any possibility of opening future competitions to those living outside the US?

  15. Hey Brad! Thanks for tooting Tyson’s work. He’s a cool guy and does some really fantastic work… It’s hard to reach the bar when he keeps raising it!


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