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Hey gang, Brad here with the latest on what’s going on with Scott and friends:

  • There are only a couple of spots left for The Hot Shoe Lighting Workshop in St. Lucia with Joe McNally (and Scott as special guest instructor)! I tagged along last year, and man is this place gorgeous. This is a trip you won’t regret!
  • OnOne Software is offering a $210 discount on their Plug-In Suite 5 just for NAPP members! The details are right on the NAPP members home page with a special link to the deal details. The offer is good through August 31, so move fast!
  • Want some cool Adobe swag without making the trip to San Jose? Check out the Adobe Branded Merchandise site for everything from shirts, jackets, and caps to bags, mugs, pens and much more!
  • David Ziser is kicking of his Captured By The Light 2010 Tour in Phoenix on September 7, then heading to Dallas and Houston. Not only will you learn tons about wedding photography, but you get a free DVD, handbook, and the chance to win other great prizes (including Photoshop World passes)! David’s visiting 20 cities between now and November 4, so check here to see if he’s coming to yours. It’s only $79 for the whole day, and when you register, be sure to use the promo code CBLNAPP10 to get $20 off!
  • Rick Sammon is currently running a sale on his 24/7 Photo Buffet app. You can get it on your iPad for $3.99 and on your iPhone for $1.99. But hurry, the sale only lasts through August 29!
  • If you’re a NAPP member in the market for a camera bag, be sure to log in to the discounts page to learn about your direct lines to Jeff Snyder at Adorama. You have a special email address and phone number that go to Jeff, and he can even get you 10% off Think Tank gear!
  • Only a few days till Photoshop World Vegas! There are just a few openings in the Real World Concert Photography workshop with Alan Hess and Scott Diussa. Sign up now before it’s too late!
  • Speaking of Photoshop World, Bert Monroy will be giving a sneak peek of his latest project, “Times Square,” at the Epson booth on the Expo Floor (which you can visit for free by signing up right here). When it’s finished, this thing is going to be 25′ wide by 5′ tall! That’s over twice as big as his Damen project.

That’s it for today. Check back tomorrow for a special guest post from my buddy RC Concepcion that you won’t want to miss!

If you weren’t a fan of the title “Pimpy Thursday” on last week’s post, we were using the word to mean:
“An adjective for describing something that is pimped out or done extremely well with more bells, whistles and bling than it possibly should have. Often used in office culture to describe how one’s work can be a shining example to others. (i.e. ‘That laptop is pimpy!’).
” via Urban Dictionary

  1. First: Thanks for a great guest blog post yesterday by Douglas Sonders and Justin Paguia. Really love to see those GB’s (guest blogs) on “how they did it” type stuff. Very cool.

    Second: Seriously? You really got complaints from people about the word “Pimpy”? Is it just me or is the latest craze seeing how ridiculously-easily-offended everyone can become?

    1. I briefly commented on the pimpy thing last week (yes, seriously!), not because I was offended (I’m not *that* fragile), but because I thought the term was distasteful. My feelings then were probably a few notches below the feelings now felt by those who are worked up because someone complained. ;)

      Fortunately we can now turn our indignation and outrage back to more serious and important issues like HDR, the iPad and Canon vs Nikon. Phew!

      1. Clearly they didn’t read your Lightroom 3 book…then they would totally get the pimp thing. It cracked me up!

  2. HI Brad, thanks for all the announcements. Can you please clarify if the onOne discount is indeed $210 versus $120 as per your post here stated.

    “This discount just came in. It’s good for only nine days (August 23 to August 31). You can save $210 from onOne Software when you purchase their Plug-In Suite 5 software.”

  3. Funny, but “Pimpy” Thursday makes a lot more sense when used to suggest you are pimping, or trying to sell the various products and services. Whatever though — it’s just a name and it’s all good marketing. :-)

  4. Yes I’ m a little disappointed also because I would have liked that discount on Rick’s app. It said
    through Aug. 29th on your blog, but in iTunes it said through this week, but didn’t give exact dates as to what this week was. I’m sure it will be helpful, but the discount would have been better.

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