51fjgl1oarl_sl500_aa240_When I was in Italy, and wound up having to buy that Nikon D-5000 because I left my other gear back in New York (here’s that sad story), I immediately called my buddy Jeff Revell and asked him if he’d real quick write a book on the D-5000, and anyway….the first batch just came off press, and Jeff just got his first copies yesterday. By the way; I’m totally joking about asking him to write the book—-I just got lucky that Jeff was already writing that book, and yesterday I was begging him to send me one of that first batch.

Anyway, the book will be hitting bookstores shortly, and you can pre-order it right here from Barnes & Noble.com or Amazon.com, or wherever great camera books are sold.

Congrats Jeff, not only on expanding your series, but for creating a new way to learn our cameras—-not just so we know which buttons do what, but how to use those buttons to take better photos, which is what it’s really all about.

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