Joey Lawrence and my Guest Blog Program

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Joey L’s excellent, inspirational Guest Blog post from yesterday got me thinking about a lot of things, and one of those was the guest blog topic in general:

  1. I’ve followed Joey’s blog for quite a while now, so I knew his photography would be great, but I was equally as impressed with his writing style, and even more with what he had to say. His post was what I love most about this Guest Blog concept, which is that every guest brings their own personality, their own story, and their own views on photography to my readers, and I think it’s that freedom that makes it great.
  2. I also want to thank my assistant and digital tech Brad Moore, who was responsible for us having the honor Joey L as our guest in the first place. But beyond that, Brad has taken a big role in growing and managing “Guest Blog Wednesday,” and thanks to him we’ve got some really exciting photographers, Photoshop gurus, and other special guests coming in the months ahead. This has helped me immeasurably, and I’m very grateful for his ideas, hard work, and dedication. Thanks, man!
  3. Of course, I wouldn’t have a Guest Blog at all if it were not for Vincent Versace, who not only approached me with the idea (after I had announced “No Blog Wednesdays”), but offered to get the ball rolling by writing the first Guest Blog post (which was a huge hit, no less). Thanks Vinny—you were right—it was a great idea! :-)
  4. But what makes it all worthwhile is reading your kind, insightful, and genuine comments to my Guest Bloggers, and seeing how warm and welcome you make my guests feel. You’ve made this a very inviting place for others to share their ideas and images, and I wanted to let you know it hasn’t gone unnoticed. How thankful I am that I can invite anyone, from any discipline or background, without worry about how they’ll be accepted here. You guys are the best!

I’m looking forward to a lot of amazing Guest Posts in the next few months, but I wanted to take this quick ‘time out’ to offer my thanks to everyone who has helped to make this idea have wings. I am in your debt.

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