My buddies (and co-workers) +RC Concepcion and +pete collins are doing another FREE live webinar today on the just-released “Photoshop Touch” for the iPad 2, and you’re invited! (Today they’re going more in-depth than they did in the introduction to the Touch yesterday).

When: 12:00 Noon ET Today

This app is already getting LOTS of buzz — come see why it rocks!

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  1. Will we be able to view these webinars “off air” at a later time ? Thanks

  2. What’s a “Webniar”? :-}

  3. Is this app available for the original iPad?

  4. Scott:

    RC and Pete did a great job yesterday with the quick tour of the app.  Nice that RC had an Android tablet and Pete had the iPad 2, to show how ALL of the tablet users can utilize this! ;-)  The overhead camera shot was a nice touch, but it did block the layers panel (but there was no other place to put it).

    Can’t make the broadcast today, but I’ll catch the recording on KelbyTV!

    Thanks for doing this!


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