You know how Discovery Channel is always doing things like Shark Week? Well, we’re totally ripping them off this week by doing “Photoshop Retouching Week” (we even snagged the shark).

Each night this week at 6:00 pm EST we’ll be doing live FREE online seminars on portrait retouching with Photoshop to give you an idea of the kind of stuff we do every day at NAPP (the National Assn. of Photoshop Professionals). Plus, we’ll have deals and giveaways and other fun stuff.

Last night we kicked it off with Matt Kloskowski and Pete Collins doing some retouching techniques for Wedding Photographers. Tonight at 6:00 pm it’s Corey Barker and Professional Make Up Artist Shelley Giard showing how to apply “Digital Make-up” in Photoshop (some really amazing stuff here—stuff you won’t see anywhere else).

It’s live, tonight at 6:00 pm EST right here.  Hope you can join us!

P.S. We’ll be rebroadcasting all the classes this week free exclusively for NAPP members on the NAPP member site.

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  1. THANKS for the rebroadcasts – would have hated to miss out on all the fun! :)

  2. Scott, been shooting last couple days in Charleston, hoot to catch some live and some archived! I need to go back and see what posted last night!

  3. Do you have to have photo shop to take this class. I am getting it for my son next year, but this would be a great help to get him started.

  4. Cool look forward to it! A Napp Shark attack.

  5. Any idea when the rebroadcasts will be up on the NAPP site?

  6. Where are the rebroadcasts, please?

  7. Are the rebroadcasts available somewhere on the NAPP site?

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