Just A Few Spots Left in Ben Willmore’s Upcoming Advanced Photoshop Workshop


Photoshop Hall of Famer, and legend of Photoshop, Ben Willmore, had a couple of spots open up at the last minute for his upcoming Advanced Photoshop Workshop at the prestigious Lepp Institute for Digital Imaging in Los Osos, California. If you act really quickly, you can snag one of those last spots and spend an incredible week learning Photoshop at a whole new level, from one of the best trainers on the planet today.

The dates are October 6-10, 2008
You can read all the details at Ben’s site (click here), but the scoop about what he’ll be teaching is below.

In this class, you’ll learn to change the way you think about shooting so that you take full advantage of all the digital tools available. If you haven’t changed your shooting mindset (beyond shooting to the right, inspecting a histogram and using RAW), then you have a lot to learn. This class includes many procedures that Ben has never demonstrated in the past. Techniques will include:

⢠High Dynamic Range Imaging
⢠Extreme Panoramas
⢠Exposure Blending
⢠Slowing down water without reducing shutter speed
⢠Shooting with composites in mind
⢠Using White Balance Aids
⢠Understanding how exposure relates to Photoshop
⢠Using Lightroom for efficient sorting, tagging and initial processing
⢠Mastering Curves (the most powerful adjustment in all of Photoshop)
⢠Sneaky Contrast Adjustments
⢠Directing Viewers Attention by changing focus, brightness, contrast, color and more.
⢠Advanced Adjustment Layers (well beyond simple masks and blending modes)
⢠Digital Infrared Simulations
⢠Black & White Conversions
⢠Making Flash Look Natural
⢠Creative White Balance Techniques
⢠Correcting Lens Distortions

This really is amazing opportunity, so if you want to snag that opening, here’s the link to Ben’s site.

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