“Light It Magazine” App News Update

Just a quick update for the folks that have been having a hard time downloading either issues #2 or #3:

(1) What’s driving us crazy, is the download problem is only happening a few users which makes it harder to track down. In our offices, all of our employees that downloaded issue’s 2 and 3 had no problem except one woman. She has an iPad 2, she downloaded the free update from the App store, and everything seems to be set perfectly, but for some reason she still can’t download issue #2, but she can download issue #3 no problem (uggh!). Either way; we’re working on it.

(2) One fix that has worked for a lot of people is to do this: Go to settings, and turn Restrictions ON.
Under Allowed Content make sure In-App Purchases is ON. (If it is already, then toggle OFF, then back ON for good measure.) Then try the download again.

(3) If the download didn’t work after trying it a few times, try it again today. For some reason, people who couldn’t download it two days ago now are suddenly able to download it even though nothing has changed.

It’s Slealthy
Big bugs apparently are easier to fix then problems that just a few people are experiencing, but if you’re one of the people it’s happening to, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating, so please accept my apology for the problem and know that our developer is working on it daily. We’ll get it sorted out (we have to), but in the meantime I wanted to just let you know that if you’re having a problem downloading either issues #2 or #3, we’re working on. Thanks for your patience (and believe me, nobody wants you to get your issue more than we do). :)

I’m having a flash back
This reminds of some of the problems we’ve had with our print magazines over the years. Sometimes, the magazine just doesn’t arrive in the mail. We put a stamp on it. Carefully address it, and send it to the post office, but with each issue we hear from subscribers whose issue for some reason never arrives. They’ve gotten every other issue, but this month—nothing, and for no obvious reason. But with Apps, I think we (you, me) expect that delivery isn’t going to be the problem. I guess some things never change. Double-uggh!

One last thing
If you’re having any problems, make sure you follow us on Facebook as it’s the first place fixes (and announcements of updates, and new issues) are posted. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/LightIt 


  1. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Hold down the icon till it jiggles then hit the small x. But before you do that I also make sure it is completely closed out by making sure you close it in multitasking also. I know it sounds simple, but as a tech I come to find its almost always the simple solution.

    1. Also you might want to make sure the app fully closed out of multitasking and reopen. If that doesn’t work then you might want to just re-install the app. For those who don’t know that’s holding down the icon until it wiggles and then pressing the x.

      1. Perhaps an Android version would help insure the magazines success. iPad still owns the lions share of end users (units sold) but Android tablets are really turning heads, and I for one will buy the Android version of the magazine when it comes out!

        By the way, what advantages do you find in Apple over PC, iPad over an Android tablet?

  2. Hi Scott – just wanted to let you know all three issues downloaded fine for me. The 2nd was a problem until I updated the software and restarted my iPad.
    Thanks for the great information!

  3. I still can’t download issue #2, even after trying your work arounds. What procedures are in place for refunds since itunes points to app developers for all ‘in app’ purchase problems? I’m gun shy now about purchasing any new issues until this is resolved.

  4. Interesting…and I’m pleased it’s not only ME having the d/l problem! So far, I now have issues 1, 2, and 4!! 3 refuses to download. Strange…
    Keep working at those “stealthy” problems. I guess iPads aren’t impervious to gremlins, after all!

  5. jonathanshell already suggested nuking the app (which deletes the app sandbox) and reinstalling from the store and re-downloading issues is something to try.

    The iPad 2 is a dual-core device, while the iPad 1 isn’t – there may be some latent race condition that doesn’t show on the older device. Try rebooting it to reduce the amount of stuff running around in the rest of the system and try downloading the issue the first thing you do on the device.

    If none of that works, get an app like iExplorer ( http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/ – not affiliated, just a happy user) to extract the app sandbox and send it to the developer. They might be able to figure out if there’s a stale file / lock file, or similar lying around.

    (I develop in iOS for a living, and can see a million places a large download can go wrong :-)

    1. I agree with Mark. Power all the way down and do the first thing upon power-up. That way all existing bad mojo is not running on the device. Intermittent issues are usually exacerbated by others not playing well.

  6. I am sick and tired of hearing iPad this and iPad that. There are other systems out there like Android, which I own. It is about time the people like Kelby and OnOne realize that we would like Apps for Android too. Android will probably never catch up to the iPad but in my decision to buy an Acer Inconia A500 64GB tablet it was because it had a better screen than iPad, better cameras, memory card slot for additional storage, USB port and I can watch videos with Flash. Come one developers, get with it.

  7. Just downloaded issue 4, no problem. Did 2&3 yesterday, again withiut a hitch. Downloaded directly from IPad2 with latest version of IOS
    Version 3 took a little longer than normal, but could have been ’cause I was watching a streaming Video at the same time (the GRID)

    Now I’ve got my holiday reading with all 4 issues’


  8. Sttill no luck with issue 3
    I was able to get issue 1, 2 and 4
    Very frustrating. I get the same message over and over telling me i have already purchased it but it has not downloaded. I dont want to uninstall the app without knowing if i will then lose the 3 issues already downloaded.

  9. Hi Scott.
    Yeah I experienced an issue (excuse the pun) where the in-app purchase went through but it won’t download.

    Sure it’d be great to read the latet episode but I know your time are going to be working hard to get this matter resolved. What’s more it ‘will’ be resolved and we’ll be able to catch up. Heck it’s not like we don’t have enough great stuff to read in the meantime what with all the killer books that have been released this year huh :)

    Totally get your frustration but Light It is going to be BIG and I guess looking on the positive side, best to get these irritations ironed out now before the explosion in following.

    Keep up the great work,
    All the best to you and yours,

  10. You choose the Ipad for the Experience. Hows it going now?

    You know I left Napp and Kelby training because of the exclusion from Light It. If you would not of had the press conference on Light it. I may of stayed. It seemed more like a defense video fro why you choose to use an Ipad than an informational an video about the app. It boils down to control over content and $$$. Like the NAPP members and Especially Kelby training members don’t deserve to have it for free anyway. $300 a year and we cant peek at a PDF, we have to buy an Ipad and Pay $2.99 really. So say I paid for an Ipad and still cant get the content 100% for sure! WOW that sux!

    Previously (until last month or so) I have been a member of NAPP for 5 years and a Kelby Training customer for the last 3 so that is roughly $1100 for online content . I have been to 4 PSW’s, this alone cost me thousands to attended, If I had to guess with airfare and lodging plus the cost of the conference and precons $7-8 thousand more. I know not all of that money went to Kelby Media but as a result of being involved with your company I have spent close to ten Grand over the years. This doesn’t include Books and DVD’s or the $8 to $20 bucks a pop on the whispernet stuff. Needless to say I have always been a huge supporter of Kelby Media. I have put my money where my mouth is, Fact!

    My thoughts on the Light it APP!
    It Sucks!
    I want to have the opportunity to not be excluded from content regardless of the experience. I am all about the information, I don’t care how fancy the package is! Ask Jay Maisel if he cares how fancy the package is. I bet he would say it all about Light, Color or Gesture! You gesture is Piss on you if you don’t own an Ipad! Oh but it’s in color and it’s about light, 2 out of 3 aint bad! If Jay asked for a PDF he would get it, hell you would run him a rag!

    Why all the fuss?
    I know why, lets be 100% honest, the reason why you choose the Ipad is because you can 100% control of people paying for the content. This is the only reason! You want to make 100% sure people PAY the measly $2.99, This is it. You say it is for the experience. I call BS, it is about protecting the content. HTML5 allows all sorts fancy packaging even “Zooming IN” a huge deal in your opinion. As I heard it over and over as a selling point on why the Ipad.

    As many people you have in your company and you cant have one of them show you how one would build a HTML5 page with an area to hover that will zoom in on an image. I suggest you call Terry White and get Grew Rewis on board to show you what you are missing.

    The reason for the APP store is to protect the content, Like we don’t pay you enough already, Correction like THEY (the current members NAPP and Kelby Training members) don’t pay you enough already to have access to content. A PDF of Light It (as Clunky as it is) is still valuable to the members (ahhh no protection, thus the ” business decision”). Granted the Ipad people would still have a sexy platform, but the rest of people would not be excluded from information. You name drop all of the best lighting people you have with your group and pimp the Light It APP on their backs. But exclude those who don’t own or use an Ipad. All so you can make a few $2.99 a few times a year. I predict Light it will fall, the same way as Layers did, it end up as part of the selling point of NAPP and Kelby Training.

    Now to what Light It is and Light It can be.

    I can pinch view on my Android phone.So can an Iphone. I watch videos all the time. I zoom in to images all the time. Your excuses why Ipad only dont hold weight with me. The only reason is you want to control the money and the Apple App Store allows you to do that. 25million Ipad owners, what percentage are photogs? Then what percent of those photogs are Kelby Media Group/Training customers? Then drill down farther what percentage are Light It customers. I know the number is quite small. Remember that number

    Now ask yourself how many issues of Light It will you have to sell if you lost 100 customers like me? How many issues of Light It will you have to sell to make up for 100 of me? Are you selling than many copy’s if light It? Is it really worth it to piss off your customer base and say it’s a business decision? I would think not.

    Why I don’t use Apple Products.

    I don’t use Apple because I refuse to pay extra money for a brand name. I want to have full control over my workstation. I build or have my workstations built based on the what I need a machine to do as a tool, not how cool it looks, not as a status symbol. I deal with rich idiots that cant even connect to a wireless network that have the latest Ipad and Mac Book Pro. Apple has become a status symbol. To me computers are a tool and I am not going to be gouged for a brand name unless it is the best tool for the best price.

    Here is the reason why Apple cost so much, Apple does not sell the OS separately people are forced to over pay for hardware because they want to use the OS. Apple used to be for professional creatives, now I see every rich kid on the planet with a Mack Book Pro and they use it check emails and surf the web. All so they can brag on how great their Apple is. Well I need horsepower, I do 3d motion graphics and animation. I render heavy image sequences and to do that with an Apple would be a huge waste of money for inferior hardware. This is why I don’t use Apple. Not because I hate them, its because I cant custom build a system to meet my needs. If I could build a custom system the inflated cost just for the would not be competitive against other components already on the the market. As a matter of fact the latest and greatest offerings from Intel and Nvidia as well as Ram and hard drives aren’t even available in the current Apple offerings. Take the Intel processors away from Apple you have a over priced POS.

    Remember, the golden rule. Content Is KING! Packaging and fluff are great but without the content you have nothing. I get it, the cost of a digital mag vs a print mag is far better. The question is how to deliver and control the content to insure you make your $2.99. Well the Apple App Store is your savior you collect your pennies and watch your Dollars fly away. I am very serious, I did not renew NAPP or Kelby training memberships because I feel excluded from all the content your company is offering. All of this because you want to protect against thieves who you are gong to find a way to steal it anyway.

    Lastly I prefer a Kindle 3 or Kindle Fire to read E books. Ever heard of Kindle for PC? In closing, I wanted to say I did not wake up this morning to bash your Light It app. I opened an email and ran across a link and it ended up being this one. I am still pissed about your choice to exclude me from all available information after paying thousands of dollars to be part of the Kelby Media Group family all for a measly $2.99 a few times a year. Such a shame!

    1. Bravo Mike, but I’d suspect your comment won’t last long. I get so sick and tired of all this DRM crap. Media companies insist on wrapping their content up and all they do is punish the honest people that pay for content. No more “in app” (NO REFUNDS) purchases for this family.

  11. Scott, how about getting the Techies to post updates regularly on Facebook even if it is just “Still working on it”. As a customer it is annoying not being kept informed what is going on.

  12. Couple things: 1. I love the magazine, and look forward to each issue, unfortunately, I just bought the latest, and for the first time, am having the same issue that others have report–I’m unable to download it. I think it is well known that you have great customer service, and I’m sure this will be resolved pretty quickly, but I don’t know where to go to report this issue officially.

    2.  When the App is released for android, will we have to purchase each edition twice, once for the ipad and once for the android device, or will we get to purchase once and get to use it on both devices?  I say when, because I can’t imagine the magazine not taking off and doing well.

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