Lightroom Mobile Launched!

Adobe launched their Lightroom Mobile app yesterday and took the opportunity to show it off at the Photoshop World Keynote presentation! Check out the entire Adobe Keynote below, and take a look at the Lightroom Mobile class from Matt Kloskowski on KelbyOne!

  1. Adobe seems to have left the people who purchased Lightroom outright out in the cold, just like they’re doing to all of the CS6 people.

    Lightroom Mobile is “free” but will only work if you rent the CC version of Lightroom. It will not work with the stand-alone version. Stated another way, the 5.4 standalone version and the 5.4 CC version of Lightroom are identical–except the full functionality has been denied the standalone user (read: “customer”). Microsoft has recently done something similar with their mobile Office apps.

    Though renting software may be the way of the Brave New World, it’s not for me. Though Lightroom (and the whole CS6 Master suite) is my most used app and will remain so for awhile, after Adobe made their Lightroom mobile app functional only for CC subscribers, I’ve decided to transition over to Capture One Pro 7 over the long term.

    1. Agreed.

      I’ve been using Adobe’s software since nearly the beginning and I am now researching alternative titles to replace much of my Adobe colelction. I refuse to buy into the subscription model. And Adobe is being hypocritical for renting us de3sktop software – at least MS is pushing full on hosted software (which I am also not a fan of – as Google has been doing this from the start and it fails to accommodate those Customers that need security and privacy for confidential documents).

      Adobe’s fine-print – if anyone ever bothers reading it – states that Adobe has right and claim to any content that an end User uploads to its servers. Meaning that any and all CC content you handle for “convenience” might show up in an Adobe promotional run without your consent / permission and there isn’t a damn thing you can do abot it.

      I am trusting Adobe less and less these days and their commitment to their customers is failing.

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