More Images Honored From My Worldwide Photo Walk

Yesterday I announced the Grand Prize Winner and the 10 finalists, but today I'm going to share my personal favorites in a bunch of different categories. Although these didn't make the final cut, all of these were in the running at one point or another, and I felt they were so great that they deserved some recognition as well.

I think these images, and the one's you saw yesterday, are actually even better than they first appear because:

  • The photographers weren't able to choose the location (it was chosen for them).
  • Or the time of day (also chosen for them).
  • They had to shoot in whatever lighting conditions at that time
  • They couldn't go back later (or earlier) to shoot in better light.
  • They were only able to shoot for two hours.

Compare that to most any other photo competition, where the photographers can choose any photo from your photo library, or any photo taken in the past year, etc., but in this case, the photographers hands were really tied. Yet they came away with images that are totally inspiring and very creative. Two hours. That's it. And look what they came up with! To me, that makes these images all the more amazing.

Popular Themes for Photo Walkers This Year
Also interesting to note:  We had a LOT of these particular types of photos:

  • Shots of Leaves
  • Kids jumping or doing flips
  • Macro shots
  • Dogs
  • Reflections in puddles
  • Kids
  • Kids on bikes
  • Shots of other photo walkers taking shots
  • Fire Escape Stairs
  • People kissing
  • Church Interiors
  • Chairs
  • Motion (slow shutter speed)
  • Bridges
  • Birds
  • Church Exteriors
  • Sunsets
  • Graffiti

You and I could both make the case that any of these shots could have been one of the top 10 finalists or even the Grand Prize winner which is what made the final picks so incredibly hard once again this year, but at the end of the day, I had to make a decision, and I did, but it's harder than it looks. Thanks to everybody who supported my decisions this year. You all have been incredibly gracious and it is much appreciated.

The images that follow are my other favorites (known this year as my Honorable Mentions) that didn't make their way into a prize category, but are nonetheless deserving of recognition:


Best Use of Shadows and Form
Photo By: Dioger Rodriguez (Richmond, VA USA)

Best Landscape with a Tilted Horizon Line
Photo By: Ayman Fouad Khamis (Al Mandarah Bahri, Alexandria Egypt)

Best Abandoned Town Shot 
Photo By: David Mullin (Sacramento, California USA) 

Best Shot of a Guy Who Doesn’t Look Like He Wanted His Picture Taken
Photo By: Luis Vigil (Oviedo, Spain)

Best Shot of Fungi
Photo By: Matthew Vanecek (Huntsville, Alabama USA)

Best Shot of a kid hearing what must be his very favorite song
Photo By: Gary Jackson (Over The Rhine, Ohio USA)

Best Shot of Fire Containment Tools
Photo By: Steve Blough (Rockville, Maryland USA)

Best Shot From My Local Walk in Paris
Photo By: Said Boudhane (Paris, France)

Best Architectural Shot
Photo By: Dave Yuriar (Los Angeles, CA USA)

Best Shot of Rain
Photo By: David Fox (Buffalo, NY)

Best Shot of  Lonely Sandals
Photo By: Vicente Ruelos Jr. (Cebu City, Central Visayas Philippines)

Best Shot of Fire Escapes 
Photo By: Marianne Fletcher (Cincinnati, OH USA)

Best Shot That Makes Something Common Look Interesting
Photo By: Stephen Stalcup (Santa Cruz, California USA)

Best Shot With an Intentionally Blown Out Look
Photo By: Robert Rath (Adelaide, SA Australia)

Best Shot of Dancers
Photo By: Jan Feliciano (Auckland, New Zealand)

Best Use of Atmosphere
Photo By: Jeremy Sandel (Baliuag, Bulacan Philippines)

Best Landscape Shot
Photo By: Rob Habisreitinger (New Orleans, Louisanna USA)

Best Thoughtful Composition
Photo By: Stephen Jones (Alton, Illinois USA)

Best Detail Shot of Hands With Really Nice Post Processing
Photo By: John Ruth (Kansas City, Missouri USA)

Best Shot of a Concerned-Looking Squirrel (or it could be an apprehensive chipmunk)
Photo By: Anton Moisey (Cape Town, South Africa)

Best Modern Architecture
Photo By: Alejandro Ba±uls Blat (Valencia, Spain)


Best Church Interior in HDR
Photo By: Gary Ward (St. Ives, United Kingdom)

Best Expression in Natural Light
Photo By: Vesna Djurica (Belgrade, Central Serbia)

Best Little Cottage in the Woods
Photo By: Nitish Bhardwaj (London, Ontario Canada)

Best Shot Through a Window
Photo By: Miles Smith (Charlotte, North Carolina USA)

Best Really Sharp Shot of Chicken
Photo By: Nilesh Bhange (Indore, MP India)

Best Shot of Where I’m Not Sure What I’m Looking At
Photo By: Joerg Piechotka (Mainz, RP Germany)

Best Use of a Tint Effect on an Interesting Photo
Photo By: Francis Armand Aguja (Naga City, Bicol Philippines)

Best Car Shot
Photo By: Madeleine Punde (Calgary, Alberta Canada)

Best Non-Typical Shot of Leaves
Photo By: Jason Down (Waterloo, Ontario Canada)

Best Shot of a Headless Woman
Photo By: Danuta Witkowska (Legionowo, Mazowieckie Poland)

Best Shot of a Sweet little Girl
Photo By: Sara Saper (El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Egypt)

Best Shot Where the Sun is the Subject (or the Sun is a prop)
Photo By: Ahmed Hamdy (El-Gamaleya, Cairo Egypt)

Best Use of Shadows in a Portrait
Photo By: Spring Reilly (Port Perry, ON Canada)

Best Simple Composition
Photo By: Alvin Reyes (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)

Best Shot of Something That Looks Look it Would Hurt
Photo By: Jordan Hooper (Vernon, British Columbia Canada)

Best Shot That Could Use a Lens Correction But It’s Still A Great Shot
Photo By: Shoukat Ibrahim (Lahore, Punjab Pakistan)

Best Outdoor Flash at Sunset Shot
Photo By:  Subodh Shetty (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)

Best Close Up Shot of a Tailless Amphibian 
Photo By: Peter Lapin (Christmas, Florida USA)

Best Shot of Levitation
Photo By: Alexandra Tsatsou (Patras, Greece)

Best Shot of a Product That’s Not a Product Shot
Photo By: Cristina Delgado (C³rdoba, AL Spain)

Best Shot of That Would Have Been a Finalist if Not For That Stuff on the Far Left
Photo By: Laurie Bruce (Oakville, Ontario Canada)

Best use of Intersecting Lines
Photo By: Rodney Boles (Durham, North Carolina USA)

Best Shot From Above
Photo By: Vincent Montefrio (Singapore, Singapore)

Best Use of Scale For Emphasis
Photo By: Mauricio Reyes (Las Vegas, NV USA)

Best Shot Where the Shadow Reveals More Of The Subject
Photo By: Adam Zacharek (Szczecin, Poland)

Best Shot Taken After Closing Time
Photo By: Marc Forget (Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Best Shot of Someone Taking a Shot
Photo By: Carlos Lim£o (Guarda, Portugal)

Best Retro Shot
Photo By: Will Anderson (Farmington, North Carolina USA)

My sincere congratulations to every one who entered the contest (it does take guts), and especially to all these fantastic photographers whose work I really felt deserved some extra recognition. Cheers. :)

  1. Congratulations to all in this collection! I think an episode of The Grid dedicated to the best images from this event would be a great way to celebrate!

  2. Great photos indeed! It’s especially awesome to see a couple were from my home area, Cincinnati (and Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati)! I would have loved to have made it but I was shooting a wedding that day. Hopefully it works out next year.

  3. Hey, you didn’t comment on mine. I should have won “Best shot that would have been taken had I not had to work all day where there were no photowalks occurring”. Well, there is always next year…if I don’t get stuck dealing with work again. :) Seriously, some great shots there. Enjoyed the show.

  4. Thank you sir for recognizing my photo as one of your personal favorites. It really means a lot to me. Anyway, just a slight correction sir, my first name should be Vicente for the Best Shot of Lonely Sandals from Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines.

  5. My sincere thanks for finding my photograph of chicken peeping outside among so many entries (Desire To Escape). I am really glad to know you appreciated it. Honestly I like the concept of photowalk, it’s quiet fun as well as challenging to get a good photograph in two hours especially when we are shooting at everyday location.

  6. OMG , I didnt know my image was featured here ,
    Thanks Alot Scott for featuring my image , its an honour… =)

    This photo was actually taken by a wide angle 8 mm fish eye lens and i did use lens correction to flatten out the image and remove the fish eye effect but there is still some left but I think it adds to the image’s beauty..

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