Oh man, it’s been a long time since last football season â” nearly seven months, but preseason has already started and next Friday I’m shooting my first Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game (I’m shooting the Bucs for Zuma Press again this season, and I’ll be picking up some other games when the Bucs are on the road).

Hoping to do some more fun things with remote cameras this seasons, but not sure I’ll be doing any on Saturday (but I will be scoping out a possible remote location for the regular season opener).

Anyway, I thought I’d share what was my first photo-post ever over on Exposure.co, which was a post on my favorite shots of 2013 (see below), and if you’ve got a sec (and you’re ready for some football), here’s the link. 

So, next Monday we’ll see my first shots of the season (Bucs vs Dolphins), and I’m sure I’ll probably be a bit rusty, but man will I have a big smile on my face at about an hour before kickoff on Saturday night when I walk through the tunnel out onto the field and start to sweat in that humid Florida heat. But I don’t care. Football is back!

Hope you guys have a non-humid, nicely air-conditioned ‘but football is back so I don’t care’ kinda day! :)



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  1. Good luck, might want to get an extra mono :)

  2. Love the sports picks! Any chance of a friend of yours taking shots at the World Cup in Brazil? Might make for a great guest for Wednesday. Just saying……

  3. You may want to change this word in your football images from 2013. Change the improper “their” to “there” and you are done.

    It’s a lot of travel to and from the games; getting their hours before kickoff

  4. Ahhh, time once again for the annual “Spot Scott on the Sidelines” game! I trust you’ll let us know what you’re wearing on those nationally televised games. Dont forget your knee pads when you’re packing for the trip!


  5. Great for you Scott. I hope my Cowboys and your Bucs both do better than last season. Have fun my friend!!

  6. Pump up the volume

  7. Awesome Scott, can’t wait to see the Awesome photos from this season. Rock on!

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