My Photography is Featured in the New Issue of Nikon World Magazine


I am thrilled beyond thrilled to announce that there’s a feature article about my photography in the new issue of Nikon World magazine (the spreads are seen above).

Here’s how it came about. I got a call from the Editor of Nikon World a few months back, and he told me he wanted to do a story about my photography. He said he was particularly drawn to my use of color, and wanted to build the story around that. He didn’t want to talk about Photoshop or image editing, just my photography. Of course I was tickled pink, but in our conversation I asked how they came to choose me, and he unknowingly gave me one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever gotten about my photography.

He said he kept hearing about me, or seeing me here and there, but it was always about Photoshop, but then he heard me talking about photography and lighting, and writing books on digital photography, and one day he said to himself, “This guy is Mr. Photoshop, but I wonder if he can actually take a photo?” So he told me he went to my blog, found my portfolio, and said, “Son of a gun—this guy can shoot!” (If you didn’t think “Son of a gun—this guy can shoot” was that great a compliment, you have to hear it from an Editor of a photography magazine. That changes everything!). So, after seeing my photos, he pitched Nikon with the idea of a feature story on my photography, and now here it is (I just got my copy this week!)

I remember a while back seeing a feature story in Nikon World on the work of Landscape Photographer Bill Fortney, with images from his amazing “America From 500 Feet II” project, and thinking, “Wow, Bill’s in Nikon World! How cool is that!” I never dreamed the next year I’d be featured in there, and I am just so honored, and humbled by it. Thanks Barry, and everyone at Nikon World for giving me such a wonderful opportunity (and for making a photographer’s dream come true).

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