Need Your Input On My New Retouching Class Before It “Goes Live.”


I’m working on a new online course called “Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques with Adobe Photoshop” and I hope to have it “up live” on in the next two weeks or so. Before I wrap it up, I hoped to get some input from you, to make sure I cover the techniques you think should be included.

First, some background: This is a class on portrait retouching, so it’s not going to cover color correction, or fixing lighting, or anything that’s not directly related to portrait retouching in Photoshop (both head shots and body sculpting). Also, there won’t be any retouching of nudie naked nakedness. In fact, there will be no nudity at all (other than my own, of course, as I usually record these in the nude. I’m kidding. You knew that, right?).

Anyway, here’s the list of individual lessons from the class, but it’s not too late to add a few more. Here we go:

» Eyes (making them larger)
» Eyes (whitening the eyes)
» Eyes (Enhancing eyes, and changing eye color)
» Eyes (Adding or enhancing makeup)
» Eyes (creating longer lashes)
» Eyes (Making them sparkle)
» Eyes (removing dark circles under, method 1)
» Eyes( removing dark circles under, method 2)
» Replacing closed eyes with open eyes
» Fixing reflections in eye glasses
» Teeth (Brightening)
» Teeth (Removing yellowing)
» Turning a frown into a smile
» Making lips fuller
» Removing Blemishes (Method 1)
» Removing Blemishes (Method 2)
» Reducing acne or freckles
» Removing wrinkles
» Reducing nose size (Method 1)
» Reducing nose size (Method 2)
» Reshaping Nose
» Smoothing Skin (basic)
» Smoothing Skin (advanced)
» Removing Hot Spots
» Sharpening skin
» Sharpening Female skin
» Making your subject look thinner overall
» Removing shirt creases and wrinkles in clothes
» Making arms and legs look thinner
» Reducing Jowels
» Adding highlights to hair
» Changing hair color
» Removing stray hair
» Digital tummy tucks
» Removing love handles
» Complete start to finish retouching Workflow 1
» Complete start to finish retouching Workflow 2

So that’s the current lesson list, but your ideas posted here on the blog can certainly have me adding to it. If I wind up using one of your suggestions in the class, you’ll get a signed copy of my upcoming book, “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2” and my sincere thanks for making the class better for everyone who takes it.

Thanks in advance for your input and advice. It’s most appreciated and it really makes a difference. :)


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