Creative Portraits On A Budget with Irene Rudnyk
Get inspired to be more creative with natural light with Irene Rudnyk! Using just a camera and lens Irene takes you through her tips and tricks for creating beautiful portraits using only natural light. With live examples shooting outdoors and inside, Irene teaches you how she nails focus at wide open apertures, creates artistic lens flares, makes creative use of window light, obtains a three dimensional look in her photos, and all while working with a minimum of gear and a small budget.

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With outdoor lifestyle photography your job is to sell the experience to the viewer. You need to be able to work in all kinds of lighting situations and with a range of gear-from strobes to diffusion panels-to get the kind of killer shots that makes the viewer wish they were there. Erik Valind takes you through a series of locations and situations, demonstrating lighting, posing, and composition tips and techniques all along the way.

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