New Class: Retouching Everyday People

New Class: Retouching Everyday People with Viktor Fejes
Join professional retoucher Viktor Fejes, as he demonstrates his system for developing a 15-minute retouch session. It all starts with the provided Photoshop action that you can download, install, and use to follow along with the class. Viktor breaks down every component of the action, which includes setting up the image for retouching, how to perform any destructive edits required, how to remove blemishes, how to remove distractions along the border, helpful techniques for fixing highlights, whitening teeth, and applying digital foundation makeup. Viktor closes out the class with lessons on giving the image a specific look, creating color LUTs that you can reuse, and advice for completing the project.

In Case You Missed It
Learn the essential elements of retouching. Join Viktor Fejes as he provides you with a solid foundation for how to approach retouching. This is not a class on how to use the basic tools of retouching, but rather how to think about retouching in a logical and methodical fashion, so that you can develop a workflow to properly retouch a photo from start to finish. You’ll learn how to evaluate an image, how to start in Camera Raw, how to structure your layers in Photoshop, how to use techniques involving false colors to fine-tune texture, tones, and color, and all the while gaining a firm understanding for why you would approach retouching in this way.

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