New Class! Travel Photography: A Photographer’s Guide to New York City

Travel Photography: A Photographer’s Guide to New York City with Scott Kelby
Join Scott Kelby for an in-depth look at twenty locations in and around New York City for amazing photographic opportunities. From some of the most iconic spots to places you’ve probably never heard of, Scott shares tips and tricks for getting there, what to shoot while you are there, and things to know before you go. Not only will you come away with stunning photographs, but you’ll have had a fantastic time experiencing some of the best that New York has to offer. Don’t forget to download the provided PDF to get the street addresses for every location mentioned.

In Case You Missed It
Join professional photographer Scott Kelby on his trip to Paris. He walks through realistic travel scenarios including night time photography, avoiding tourists, and weather, and offers tips and techniques on how to best handle them to get the iconic photos you want. Make sure to check out Part II of this series Travel Photography – Post Processing to learn how to edit all of your travel photos. This class is perfect for a beginner photographer looking for tips for shooting on vacation.

  1. Just finished watching this course, and it has inspired me to consider a trip to NYC. While never a destination on my radar, with no real desire to go there, this has opened my eyes to some creative opportunity I can’t find anywhere else. Thank you, Scott!

  2. I’ve watched your New York course and based upon that I have purchased a 14mm lens and Platypod Ultra to go with my Nikon D750. We are going to Europe to do a river cruise and I am planning on also taking my 28 – 200mm 3.5 FX lens. I also use a Blackrapid strap and I wonder if you went through the process of removing the connector piece from the bottom of your camera and screw in the ball head plate in every time you went to use the 14mm or is there a neat way to hook the Platypod to the strap?

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