New KelbyOne Class: Focus and Focal Length Blending for Landscapes

Focus and Focal Length Blending for Landscapes with Ramtin Kazemi

Join Ramtin Kazemi for advanced techniques for editing landscape photographs. In this class you’ll learn the importance of focus stacking landscape images, how to blend images taken at different focal lengths together to bring the background closer, how to replace the sky with one that is more interesting, how to enhance the colors in the photo, why you should dodge and burn to enhance the lighting in the scene, and some final touches that help to unify the end result. Understanding these techniques will help you shoot differently to capture all of the necessary elements and give you the skills to blend them all together for eye popping results.

In Case You Missed It: Advanced Landscape Post Processing Techniques

Learn advanced techniques for processing your landscape photos with Ramtin Kazemi! In this class you’ll discover Ramtin’s workflow, from start to finish, for taking a raw photo from scratch through to being ready to print or share online. Ramtin takes you step-by-step through his techniques for creating vertical panoramas, color adjustments, luminosity masks, selective contrast adjustments, adding atmosphere, and so much more!

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