New KelbyOne Class: The Best Retouching Secrets Uncovered

The Best Retouching Secrets Uncovered with Viktor Fejes

Join Viktor Fejes and learn all of the Photoshop tips and tricks he wished he had known when he started out as a retoucher. Starting with the benefits of a tablet and proper monitor, Viktor dives into his favorite interface settings, how to get the most out of pen pressure on your tablet, key brush settings for retouching, how to easily tone down highlights on skin, brilliant tips for working with layer masks, alternative ways to cut out hair from a background, and so much more.

In Case You Missed It: The Essential Elements of Retouching

Learn the essential elements of retouching. Join Viktor Fejes as he provides you with a solid a foundation for how to approach retouching. This is not a class on how to use the basic tools of retouching, but rather how to think about retouching in a logical and methodical fashion, so that you can develop a workflow to properly retouch a photo from start to finish. You’ll learn how to evaluate an image, how to start in Camera Raw, how to structure your layers in Photoshop, how to use techniques involving false colors to fine tune texture, tones, and color, and all the while gaining a firm understanding for why you would approach retouching in this way.

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