New KelbyOne Course: Unlocking the Power of Photoshop’s Layers with Scott Kelby

New KelbyOne Course: Unlocking the Power of Photoshop’s Layers with Scott Kelby

Take your understanding of Photoshop’s layers to a whole new level! Join Scott Kelby as he helps you unlock all the creative power of using layers to their fullest. Layers are one of the most important aspects of using Photoshop. Scott starts the class helping you understand the concept of layers and the fundaments before moving onto a series of project-based lessons that show you how to use layers like a pro. In this class you’ll gain an understanding of blending modes, layer masking, working with type layers, keeping your layers organized, adjustment layers and so much more!

In Case You Missed It: Photoshop for Beginners with Scott Kelby

If you’re new to Photoshop then this is the class for you! Join Scott Kelby as he takes you through the 12 essential techniques and concepts that you need to know to get started using Photoshop. Once you’ve got these under your belt you’ll be ready to head off into any Photoshop direction you choose. In this class you’ll learn the essentials for opening and navigating around photos, using panels, using the most common tools, making selections, removing things from Photoshop, using brushes, using filters, and much more. These are exactly the techniques Scott would tell a friend to get them up and running with the most powerful image editor ever created, and by the end of the class you’ll feel confident to start diving deeper into more advanced techniques.

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