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I haven’t done an update in a few weeks on some of the new classes we’ve posted on Kelby Training Online, and we’ve got some really great ones I wanted to share, including:

How to Clean your DSLR Sensor (with Laurie Excell). (view lessons)

Copyright Registration with Jack Reznicki and Attorney Ed Greenberg. (view lessons)

This next one has been up for a few weeks, but I haven’t mentioned it, and it’s a really cool class.

Successful Pre-Production for Location Shooting, with Richard Riley. (view lessons)

Also, I’ve been working on my own new series of online classes called:

“Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it”

…where I take you from an empty studio, all the way through the lighting set-up, through the live shoot (and the process of getting the shot), and then taking those shots into Lightroom and Photoshop for the final edits and retouching. You see everything from beginning to end—nothing’s left out.

I’ll be launching three of these (two of these I’ve just wrapped filming, and the third is set to film on Tuesday), and each one focuses on just one particular look—one particular lighting set-up, and one finished image. I am really, really excited about how these are coming out, and if they’re well received I’ll be adding more looks to this studio series.

We’ve also added a unique class from Dave Cross on GridIron Flow, along with:

Plus, we’ve got new classes coming from David Ziser, Joe McNally, and we’ve got a couple of brand new instructors coming on board which we’ll be announcing in the next week or so. Lots of great stuff coming gang!!! More details very soon!

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