Hi Gang: Remember a few months back when I mentioned we were hiring for three positions? (here’s the link just in case).

We were looking for a Marketing Genius, a Photoshop Tech Wizard, and a new “Photoshop Guy” to add to our ranks. Well, I’m happy to announce that after hundreds of resumes, and phone and in-person interviews, on this Friday I’ll be posting a short video here to introduce you all to the new “Photoshop Guy.”

We’re really excited about adding a new guy to the mix (RC is especially excited, because then he won’t be “the new guy” any more), plus he brings a lot of different skills to the position, so we’re psyched. He’s not a well known name in the business, but my guess is—he soon will be. :)

Also, although we’ve now filled the Tech Wizard job as well, we’re still doing interviews for the Marketing Genius position, and we want to fill that position immediately, so if you are indeed that marketing genius (and you know who you are), and you want a legitimate excuse to move to sunny Florida, contact Jean Cappello in our HR dept at 813-433-5005.

Don’t forget to check back Friday to welcome the new guy (of course, you can check back tomorrow for the Guest Blog post, and for Pimpy Thursday, too). ;-)

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. I’m looking forward to meeting what is sure to be an amazing individual.

  2. I wonder if you ever considered a “Photoshop Gal”??? — In case you’re interested, here’s a candidate at least for your Guest Blog Wednesdays…


    You should check out her stuff!

    [also, on the Y-Chromosome side Lee Varis or Akira Kai would be good candidates for Wednesday Guest Blog!]



  3. Oooooh I’m excited :)
    The two posts today don’t have to do with one another, do they?

    – Brandon

    PS: Wow, Ken – Missing the grid and Scott’s post on the same day? UNACCEPTABLE! Haha only joking ;)

  4. Looking forward to seeing who the new ‘Photoshop Guy’ is going to be, especially as you say they’re not a well known name in the business. Hopefully they’re ready & prepared to be unleashed to the masses ;-)

  5. Ken missed the Grid?

    Was he relocating to Florida? Conspiracy theory alert lol

  6. Good Luck new Photoshop Guy …… :)

    Best Wishes for you ……..

  7. Can’t wait to see who it is! Missed the Grid and first post, all for a good reason, will be back in form tonight! 8-)

  8. Can’t wait to see who the new guy is this Friday. I’m sure he will be a great addition…only the best work at Kelby Media. A more pressing question is “Is he any good at Black Ops?” Isn’t that one of the prerequisites for joining the Team? 8)


    • John: As you’ll read Friday, he’s very good at Black Ops. He’s a key component of our team—he always deploys a sensor once we take a building, and that leaves Matt free to take out anything that flies, which Matt is brilliant at by the way. :)


  9. Best of luck to the newbie!

  10. Well, I am heart-broken, because it obviously isn’t me, but I will definitely check out who the new guy is. He must be overflowing with talent! I wish him the best of luck and hopefully next time you guys are looking for someone, I will be in your consideration.

  11. Well now I’m really curious…

  12. Hi Scott!
    Congrats on finding your new Photoshop Guy! A very difficult task I’m sure!

    Oh, and about that Marketing Genius Position… I want it. Bad. My resume and cover letter are on their way.

  13. I’m trying to envision a video of Photoshop World instructors applying for these positions.

  14. It isn’t me. I know…thousands were thinking it would be! But, the new guy is…well, I can’t wait to see the intro Friday! :)

  15. Very much looking forward to the announcement of the new Photoshop Guy!

  16. I know the “new guy” very well – he is a great friend and I will miss him being close by! What a great addition to the Kelby group – you will all really like his style, humor, and knowledge!

  17. Scott, this will be THE worst decision you have EVER made. Send him back where he came from, before he embarrasses you!!!! And he will, at some point, probably when you least expect it! In all honesty, he’s going to fit it perfectly. Slap him at least once a day to keep him in line! Congratulations . . . . ___________!! Love the show and now it will be even better!!

  18. hmmm…who is the new guy?

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