Lots of Lightroom stuff today:

  • I did a little video clip to give readers some insights into my new Lightroom book (what makes it different, the format, etc.) and the cool thing is my Web dept. embedded the video right within a static banner so you can watch it right on the same page (it works cooler than it sounds). So, to watch it, go to, then you’ll see the square banner on the right side of the page, and it has a button on it called “Watch Video Intro.” Click that button, and you don’t go to a different page—the video clip plays right there. Check it out.
  • Saw this post in the Canon digital photography forum, about a NAPP member who just got his first issue of “Darkroom” (our new magazine for Adobe Lightroom users). Read his post here.
  • The Los Angeles stop for my new Lightroom Tour was sold out, but yesterday we contacted the LA Convention Center, and they were able to move us to a larger room, so we can now comfortably accommodate more people. We’ll have nearly 700 people for the seminar, which just gives you an idea of how popular Lightroom has become, even though version 1.0 is just over a month or so old. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone there! (By the way, the next steop for my Lightroom Tour is in Boston, Mass. For details, or to register, click here.)
  • I’ve been getting emails all week from people who have received my new Lightroom book from, which is big relief to me (thanks to everybody for being so patient). Anyway, as an author, I can tell you there is nothing authors want more than to get our books in the hands of readers, so I can tell you all those emails really made my day. :-)

12 Days Left!

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means? OK, I’m not sure either, but in the meantime, here’s some news:

  • There’s only 12 day’s left to pick up Adobe Lightroom at Adobe’s special introductory price of $199 (US). On May 1st, it moves up to it’s normal price of $299. You can buy it direct from Adobe by clicking here, or from our friends of B&H Photo.
  • NAPP’s own Corey Barker "The Photoshop Lad' (who writes the daily Photoshop Blog at, has a really nice video tutorial on a highlight portrait effect that’s pretty slick. I’ve seen a number of different takes on this technique, but I think Corey has nailed it. Check it out right here.
  • Adobe released some free updates yesterday for Camera Raw 4, and the Adobe DNG Converter. You can download them right here (for Macintosh), or here (for Windows).
  • Moose Peterson brought this article to my attention (from the Pro Photo Business Blog), and it’s worth a read (even if you disagree with it). It’s called “The Death of Vertical Photos” and it’s about how the days of widespread use of shooting in Portrait mode may be numbered, because of the way today’s Web designers feel photos are best displayed on the Web. At first, I completely dismissed this article, but then I realized how many times recently I’ve purposely shot portraits in landscape mode knowing that the photos would be displayed here in my blog. Anyway, it’s food for thought, and worth a read (just for the record, although the writer makes a good point, I think his scenario is a long way off [perhaps never], for a variety of reasons). Check it out here.
  • Terry White has just posted a special “Inside Adobe” Creative Suite Video Podcast episode that covers all the products in the Creative Suite 3 Design Premium. This episode is 1 hour 16 minutes long and covers Bridge, Version Cue, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Device Central and Acrobat 8 Professional. Highly recommended!
  • Got a minute to see some beautiful photography? (OK, that’s a trick question; of course you’ve got a minute to see some beautiful photography). I ran across this site from photographer Andy Biggs, and I just was really taken with some of his photography, especially his African Landscape gallery. Click here to check out some of his work.
  • My buddy, and Photoshop TV co-host, Dave Cross is teaching a one-day Photoshop hands-on seminar at the Digital Technology Centre in Sarasota, and it looks really cool, as the day starts with a “How to Shoot for Photoshop” live shoot, and then takes you through the whole process, and ends with Dave’s “Finishing Touches.” Seating is limited (as you might guess), so click here to find out more info or to snag one of the few seats available.
  • Adobe quietly released some new technology on the Adobe Labs site that is really pretty darn handy. It’s a new Help system called “knowhow” which lives within your applications, and it’s very well designed, very interactive, and I wish I had thought of it first. When you click this link, make sure you watch the little demo just to see how cool this thing really is.

Bill Fortney and me; photo by Chuck Summers).

Well, I’m back from my GAPW Workshop in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and I had just an absolutely wonderful experience. I met so many great people, and I learned as much as I taught, in no small part to sharing the teaching duties with Nikon’s amazing Bill Fortney (pictured with me above; photo by Chuck Summers). Bill is just an amazing photographer, a gifted instructor, and is one of those guys who can’t wait to share his hard-earned knowledge with his students (I filled pages with notes from his lectures). It was just a enlightening, laugh-filled, and inspiring workshop all the way around.

That was, of course, until I found out that my older brother Jeff, who was out visiting friends in Denver, got really ill, and was not only in the hospital, but was facing emergency surgery. Well, I was on the next flight out that night to Denver (Bill was gracious enough to fill in for me on the last day of the workshop), and thanks to the prayers of many friends (including some of the wonderful students in the workshop), my brother was not only able to avoid the surgery, but I was able to fly with him back home yesterday, and he’s feeling just great now, and totally back in the game. So….thanks to all who “sent one up” for him, and as you can tell….it worked!

So, today I’m just getting back in the saddle, and tomorrow I’ll have my regular news update, and some cool new things to share (including some photos from Tennessee and surprisingly enough, Denver), but I did want to let you all know what’s up, and why I missed the last couple of posts (including the big news that Adobe officially shipped CS3, which would have been big news a day or so ago). See you all tomorrow! :-)

Working in the Grist Mill

This was taken first thing this morning (click for larger version) at my photo workshop in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains (in about 33° chilly weather—brrrrrrr) in an old fashioned Grist Mill in Cades Cove. This really nice guy (named Kevin) was working in the Grist Mill and was nice enough to pose long enough for me a click off a few shots (he even let me move him into some decent light). I’ll post some more shots from this morning, but I had to fly out tonight (it’s a long story) so I’ll miss tomorrow’s shoots (rats!). Had an amazing time teaching at the GAPW workshop, and had some absolute first-rate photographers in my class as well. I taught quite a bit; met some really wonderful people, and made some great new friends. I guess that’s what these workshops are really all about—learning, laughing, and making new friends. Not a bad way to spend a few days. Thanks to GAPW for allowing me to be one of their instructors—I had an absolute blast!!!! :-)

P.S. Did anyone notice I finally spelled “Smoky” right? ;-)

Great Smoky Pano

Here’s an 11-photo pano I shot at yesterday’s dawn shoot (It’s the low res version, but you can click on the photo for a larger view). We were hoping for more atmospheric effects (fog), and some clouds, but neither really showed up, so it was just a nice morning to be shooting, minus the really good light. Late yesterday afternoon before our sunset shoot, I showed the class how to set up their cameras for shooting panos, and how to make sure that Photoshop would not only stitch them together perfectly, but blend the colors and edges so it was seamless. The pano shown here stitched together on the first try (using Photoshop CS3’s PhotoMerge). I’ll post a few more later today, but we’re heading out for our dawn shoot now (it’s kinda chilly out there this morning!). Have a great day everybody! :-)