Photo Walk Stuff (and a quick Q&A)


Hi gang: The dust is finally starting to settle from this week’s walk, and amazing images are being submitting to our contest, and on our flickr groups (see yesterday’s post for info on our flickr groups for walkers) Note: The image above is from the Gainesville, Florida walk, led by the wonderful Laurel Housden.

First, a quick little video from my walk in Ybor City, Florida:

Now, onto a quick Photo Walk Q&A:

Q. Will we be able to see the contest images for each city?
A. We just got that feature up and running! You can now go the World Wide Photo Walk site, click on the Cities link up top, choose the city you want to look at, and the uploaded contest photos from that city will appear at the bottom of that page (click on the Thumbnails to see larger images).

Q. When’s the deadline to upload our images for the contest?
A. It’s July 25th at midnight EDT.

Q. Can we really just enter two photos in the contest?
A. Yup. Really.

Q. But I can’t narrow it down to just two.
A. That’s not a question, that’s a statement.

Q. OK, “What if I can’t narrow it down to two?”
A. You must. It’s your destiny.

Q. Do I have to enter the contest?
A. Absolutely not—you don’t have to enter—it’s totally optional, and just for fun, so if you don’t want to enter, don’t upload photos to the World Wide Photo Walk city page—just do the flickr group thing instead. Also, if you think at any time you might whine about who your leader picked as the winner, don’t enter. We have a strict no-whining policy.

Q. Will photos uploaded to the flickr group be entered in the contest?
A. Nope. The flickr groups are just there so you can see what everybody else shot in your city, and around the world.

Q. When will the Grand Prize winners be announced?
A. On August 17th.

Q. Will I win?
A. Probably not.

Q. When can we vote for the People’s Choice Award?
A. As soon as we get that ready to go. Keep an eye on the World Wide Photo Walk site for details.

Q. Do you care if we use Photoshop or something else to edit and otherwise beautify our photos?
A. Not at all. Beautify away.

Q. Who is going to choose the 10 Finalists and Grand Prize winner?
A. Me

Q. Looking at your own portfolio, Scott, you seem to favor Landscape photos and Sports shots, and people shots, and Bridal shots, and commercial shots, and urban/city shots, and stuff like that. Would turning in one of those type of shots increase my chances of winning?
A. No. What will increase your chances of winning will be turning in the very best photo of all the photos entered.

Q. Last year’s winner had a bird it in. Will you be choosing another shot with a bird in it this year?
A. Yes.

Q. Really?
A. I have no idea. I’ll look at all the local walk winners from around the world, then I’ll narrow it down to 11 finalists. My favorite one of those 11 will be the Grand Prize winner.

Q. That doesn’t seem like a very fair way to choose a winner.
A. It does to me.

Q. But that makes it just your opinion?
A. Hey. you’re right.

Q. But what if I disagree with your choice?
A. You can petition the Rules Committee.

Q. Is there a Rules Committee?
A. No.

Q. But not everyone will agree with your choices, right?
A. Not everyone agrees with anyone’s choices on anything, but I’m pretty sure I know at least 11 people who won’t complain one bit with my choices.

Q. I’m not sure I like this.
A. Then don’t enter.

Q. You’re serious, aren’t you?
A. Absolutely.

Q. You’re mean.
A. My daughter tells me that when I put her in ‘Time Out,” so this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that.

Q. Should I just enter the contest, let the chips fall where they may, and just have fun with the whole thing?
A. That’s what I would do. I’ve entered contests before, and didn’t win, and yet I’ve gone on to live a productive and happy life.

Q. OK, thanks for letting me get all that off my chest. Ya know, when it comes down to contests, people tend to get all crazy and everything, and their emotions  sometimes get the best of them. Sorry I was so harsh before.
A. No worries. At the end of the day, I’ll be as fair and objective as I can. I take this stuff seriously so you don’t have to. Remember, this whole thing is supposed to be fun, so just let it be just that. The Photo Walk wasn’t about the prizes; it was about making new friends, and enjoying being together while we make photos—something we all love doing—and that’s exactly what happened, all over the world, at once.

Q. You’re absolutely right.
A. That’s something I rarely hear. Thanks!

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