Hey everyone, Brad Moore here again with some shots from yesterday’s opening keynote! Thanks to Pete Collins for helping cover this crazy event :-)

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  1. Sh*t just got serious. That white shirt has no logos!

  2. Thanks Brad for the pictures. The keynote was really awesome and the pictures are great. Could you post pictures as gallery so we could click next button rather than open and close separate pictures in new windows.

  3. Thanks for the pictures Brad. Looks like I am missing all the fun. The political theme is priceless. Where do I cast my vote lol

  4. Why on Earth are you and Matt wearing ties and suits.  I thought it was meant to be an event for creatives ;)

  5. Holy cow!  Scott Kelby in something other than a black logo t-shirt.  Next thing you know, he’ll be announcing that he’s ditching his Nikon for a Canon and switching from Apple to Android.  What is this world coming to?  :-)

  6. Love the “RC Concepcion – Mucho gusto el Photoshop” picture as well! :-)

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