“Scott Kelby Rocks!” by William Beem

You probably saw Scott’s recap of Photoshop World earlier this week, but we thought it would be nice to let you hear from some of the people who were there as attendees as well.  Here are just a few of the people who have blogged about their experience in Las Vegas last week:

And I’m sure there are more out there, so feel free to link away in the comments if you want to share your experience from Photoshop World!

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  1. Scott, I have people on my blog asking me if I bought a new camera or new software and I tell them no, I attended Photoshop World! PSW has taken my photography up to a new level. Thanks to everyone!!!

  2. Hey Scott,
    I agree with Ken. My photography and Photoshop skills improve at each Photoshop World I attend, which is the reason I went ahead and paid for next September’s event. My students have mentioned already that my enthusiasm is contageous because of PSW.
    Thanks for all NAPP does for the NAPP Army out here.

  3. I didnt even leave before I was using some new techniques. I shot the models at the Westcott “sets” and went back and right away used some of the portrait enhancements that I had learned that morning. It was a good week, thanks for all the effort and hard work that went into it.

  4. Hi Scott! I agree with the guys above. I’ve been a PSW regular for a long time now (both east and west coast) and I definitely learn something (ok, a lot of things) new each time!

    I blogged the entire week, and left my top reasons for attending, on my blog:



  5. Hey, does this mean I’ve been pimped? Very kind of you to share the link. My thanks to Scott & Brad.

  6. Thanks for the link, but you spelled my name wrong! ;)

    p.s. I use tanyaplonka.com/blog more than the backup Livejournal one :)

  7. hmm Brad, my comments are not posting when I include a link to my blog, here is a bit.ly without the http front can you fix link after posting. Thanks!

    Here is my review of my trip!


  8. I had an amazing time in Vegas and so glad I could go. Here’s my writeup: http://bit.ly/aYEFEB

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