Pimpy Thursday

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with the latest news and updates!

New Westcott Apollo Softboxes
Our friends over at FJ Westcott have just introduced two new additions to their Apollo Speedlight Softbox lineup. Check out the 43″ Apollo Orb, the first octagonal softbox that doesn’t require an adapter ring, and the 16″ x 30″ Apollo Strip, perfect for adding that accent or hair light to your speedlight toolkit!

In honor of these two new softboxes, Westcott is running a contest where you might have the chance to win one of these hot new items! Head over to The Lighting Lowdown blog for all the info and to enter.

Deals from Kelby Training
If you’re thinking of staring your holiday shopping early and picking up a book or DVD from KelbyTraining.com, now’s a perfect time because in October, every order ships with a coupon good for $10 off your next purchase — so order now, and save more later!  Visit The Kelby Training Store to get started.

Unadvertised Special:  The Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Super Bundle includes Scott’s LSR book and DVD for one low price. This bundle is like a class and a resource guide for lighting, shooting and retouching. Available at KelbyTraining.com for $110.99 or $88.99 if you’re a NAPP member.

If you are into senior portrait photography (not senior citizens but seniors in high school), James Schmelzer’s Senior Portrait Photography 3-disc DVD set is on sale for $30 off. This DVD set covers everything from indoor lighting to outdoor lighting to cool ideas for backdrops and props.

Calvin Hollywood’s Photoshop Tricks for Beginners has just been added to the KelbyTraining.com library. In this class, Calvin gives you a string of quick Photoshop tips that will instantly improve your own techniques in Photoshop CS5 and earlier versions. It might say “beginners” in the class title, but this class is for all skill levels as any of these tricks can help improve the way you work in Photoshop!

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Webcast with Scott Kelby & RC Concepcion
If you missed the live broadcast of Scott and RC’s Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. webcast the other day, keep an eye out on the NAPP member site and KelbyTraining.com today. It’ll be added as soon as our web team can get it posted to these sites :)

The Grid
Another thing to keep an eye out for today is the new episode of The Grid! We had a doozy of a discussion yesterday about “What’s Fair Game for Your Portfolio?” with lots of lively questions and comments from viewers on whether or not photos from workshops should be in your portfolio. Episode 27 will be up sometime later today, so keep checking in over at KelbyTV.com to see when it’s live. (And feel free to watch some of our other shows while you’re there ;) )

Dave Cross Workshops
Dave Cross will be hosting some killer workshops over the next few weeks! Check these out:

October 17Make Your Lighting Exciting with David Ziser
October 25Photoshop Design Effects with Corey Barker
October 26 –  An Evening with Tim Wallace: “An Inspiring World”
November 1-3 – The Business of Boudoir with Shannon Michelle

Photo Plus Expo
If you’re going to Photo Plus Expo, Scott will be speaking in the Manfrotto booth Thursday afternoon, October 27. We’ll let you know what time as soon as the schedule is finalized, but you can go ahead and register for your free Expo pass right here.

That’s it for today. Have a kick-butt Thursday :D

  1. Love the new Apollo light, ordering now! I am late posting cause I’m upgrading Apple ios5 on 6 devices tonight! Thanks Brad (like reading better!)

  2. FYI. My browser (Chrome) informs me that it has detected malware when visiting kelbytv.com

    “kelbytv.com contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.”

    I’ve been there plenty of times and this is the first time it has happened to me. So if something has chanaged in your system that could potentially trigger this warning may be a good idea to re-check.

  3. I mainly use strobes but am interested in using my speed lights more so I will probably get one of these new appollos.

    I trigger my strobes and speed lights using cactus v5 devices which are always attached to my strobes. Will my v5s work still even if they are hidden within the appollo boxes and is there any way to aim my speed light more towards the center of the softbox since my speed light will be sitting on top of the cactus v5, thus putting the light source near the top of the appollo? Hopefully my questions make sense!

    Scott – saw you in Philly and you so rocked. Hope you come back soon!

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