“Planning” Q&A with Erik Kuna and Christina Sauer | The Grid EP. 542

“Planning” Q&A with Erik Kuna and Christina Sauer | The Grid EP. 542

This week on The Grid, Erik Kuna and Christina Sauer take viewer questions! While they primarily focus on planning for productions and staying on budget, they take questions on a wide variety of topics! Tune in and see what insights you might be able to glean from this info-packed episode.

New KelbyOne Course: Editing Your iPhone Travel Photography with Scott Kelby

Join Scott Kelby for the second part of his series on using your iPhone for travel photography. You’ll find Scott sitting poolside with his iPhone and iPad as he takes you through all the steps for getting your photos into Lightroom, tips for editing raw photos, adjusting color and tonality, using Masking for selective edits, dealing with tricky lighting situations, getting edited photos into other apps, and so much more. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with just your phone as a camera and post processing tool!

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