Printing Panos on Canvas


After my trip to St. Lucia, I wanted to send the owners of the resort a canvas gallery wrap print of the pano I took from room during the workshop, to thank them for their hospitality.

The full image is over 5-feet long, and MPIX only does Gallery Wraps up to 36″, so I had to find someone to print it as a stretched gallery wrap at over 60 inches wide. RC has a similar-sized pano of the New York Skyline at night hanging on his office wall (he took it the night that Matt and I ran out of memory cards—here’s that story), so I went to ask RC where he had it printed. He told me he had it made by Artistic Photo Canvas, and he raved about their quality and service, so I ordered two of them (one for the resort owners, and one for myself—shown above with RC. Photo by Brad Moore).

I uploaded the image to their site (very simple process), and this is going to sound silly, but one thing I particularly liked is that they will prep the photo to make the image wrap around the canvas without losing any of the image area for you for free.

I actually know how to prep a photo in Photoshop for a canvas wrap, in fact I actually taught the technique in my “How to show your work” class at Photoshop World (I originally learned the technique from Photoshop World instructor Randy Hufford), but since they routinely do this image adjustment for their customers, I thought “what the heck—that’s less that I have to mess with,” and I let them do it for me (sweet!).

Anyway, the gallery wrapped pano just came in (about two days turnaround), and I can’t get over what a great job the folks at APC did. I was really impressed with the printing and the fit and finish to the pano, and the protective coating they add to the finished gallery wrap. Everyone that’s come by my office in the last day or so has made a fuss at how great it came out.

The canvas pano was 62″ x 16″ and runs $185, including the protective coating which (according to APC) “….not only protects the canvas from fading caused by UV, it also repels moisture and offers some abrasion resistance as well.”

This was my first time using APC, but it certainly won’t be my last, since I’m a pano lovin’ guy (even more so since I learned that Pano shooting/stitching tip I a share on this Thursday’s episode of D-TownTV), but I really haven’t been printing enough of them, because I didn’t have a source (well, I do now!).

My thanks to the folks at APC for your great service and an awesome job on the pano. Here’s the link to their site (highly recommended).

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