It’s Spiral-Bound Now, Baby!

Scott Kelby’s Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop is now available in a spiral-bound edition, exclusively at the Kelby Training Bookstore!

Ron Martinsen recently reviewed the book over at his blog, so you can head over to to see what he has to say about it.

The non spiral-bound edition of this book is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

AND it’s also available for the Kindle!

      1. “Cool And Kick Butt”, Andrew! We started using it last year, after Scott used the expression to describe something, and a reader took exception to his use of the word “butt”. Well, that’s all we needed to coin the acronym.

        You can consider Ken as being “Captain CAKB”. He’s the one that started the whole thing. Just don’t ask me to pronounce it…it’s best to just type it. 8)


      2. andrew, It’s actually funny who many people on twitter think it is the same thing! 8:)

  1. Ack! How about a heads up if you’re going to release books in the future as spiral bound? I rushed out to buy the standard edition, and have already been bending (referencing) it heavily! Great book, btw! Keep up the amazing and extremely helpful work!

      1. Here in Los Angeles, Office Depot or Office Max will spiral bound a regular book for a few dollars. Other places will do it for smaller books, too.

  2. Spiral bound for this type of book is great option – only wish I hadn’t bought mine already. Actually I’m lying, can’t put the book down, thanks again Scott, this is another gem to add to the collection!!

  3. Can we trade our original books in for the new one? ;)

    Just got mine this week; ordered it from LISIRI in Chicago after they had sold out, and it is INCREDIBLE! What a great addition to my Kelby library!

    – Kev

  4. Hey Scott,
    Like all of your books, this one is excellent. However, this is one of the best ones ever. The layout is familiar, but the content is amazing. I now know how to use the Pen Tool along with many, many other techniques. I had never given this particular tool any time because it was too difficult to master until you explained it in such a manner that I feel a second grader could understand. (I need this type of instruction at times)
    Thanks for one of the best books ever,

  5. Scott,

    Truly one of your best books so far. Wish the spiral bound edition was available at PSW, but, hey, I got it signed by you, so who can complain? :D How did that iPhone pic of us come out?

    I agree with Charles that all your books should be released this way at the very start, or at least give us a heads up if PeachPit plans to release future volumes this way.


    P.S. Why do I sometimes get a message that I am posting messages too quickly? I’m not that quick a typer! :)

  6. Just watched your webminar about this book and I couldn’t believe the stuff you came out in that video and of course in the book! Where do you get those cool ideas and techniques? It is awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy :)

    And now a bit seriously …. when will you make a photography seminar in Prague, Czech republic? :D

  7. Scott,

    Congrats on what looks like another successful and useful book! I was wondering if there is a discount available for the Kindle version, linked to NAPP membership or renewal of KelbyTraining online (like converting my monthly membership to annual). I saw the great offer with the Kelbytraining membership, but REALLY prefer your books on the ipad:-)

  8. Yeah these spiral-bound books are a great idea. I remember following the First down and dirty tricks book and trying to set things on the page to keep the book from closing. Every now and then it would slap shut and I would have to find the page I was working from all over Great idea!

  9. You know its funny i saw this book and was like ah Im pretty good at retouching. Ill probably skip getting this one. I just got done watching your webcast you did showing some of the stuff you have in the book and now i have to have it… Have some pretty cool tricks in there Ive never seen before.

  10. I think it’s great you published a new book on retouching. However, I also purchased your CS5 book sight unseen, and was really disappointed that an entire Chapter on portrait retouching was removed from the CS5 book. All of this content is missing from the “new” edition. I have no problem with the new book devoted to this subject, I just think purchasers of the CS5 book got less than they deserved when some very useful content included in the last 3 editions of the book was deleted.

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