Quick Photoshop Trick for Fixing Noise

This trick, in particular, is for that nasty noise you can sometimes get in long exposure images — especially if you have to brighten the image, but it can work in all kinds of instances.

Now, before I show you this trick, I do want you to know that I normally don’t mess with trying to fix noise in my images. It has to be really, really, really bad for me to even try to deal with noise, because (1) noise reduction techniques and plug-ins simply blur your image to hide the noise, so you’re trading one bad thing for another, and (2) only other photographers even notice noise — the public is pretty much immune to it, but in the case you’re going to see below, I would (and did in the final image I posted on Instagram), fix the noise, but I didn’t use a noise reduction scheme, which is what makes the trick so helpful. Check it out:

Hope you found that helpful (and I hope you listened all the way to the end). :-)

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  1. Noise is a problem. I’ve never thought about that option. I’ve also seen a technique for stacking a series of identical images and asking Photoshop to find the mean color for each pixel.

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