It’s quick, because I am totally beat, but I’ve got a few quick things before I hit the sack and head to Indianapolis tomorrow.

(1) My Portrait Retouching book for photographers now is in stock at Amazon and B&N
It just showed up late yesterday at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon—it’s in stock and ready to ship from both for around $29 ( or B&N). Just a heads up: this book was designed expressly for photographers who do their own retouching—it was not designed to teach you how to become a high-end retoucher. I saw a full review yesterday in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, (written by T. Michael Testi of and he totally nailed who the book was written for and why. Here’s the link.

(2) Minneapolis rocks!
Had an absolute ball yesterday, with nearly 600 photographers in attendance, and some of the nicest, most fun folks I’ve had the opportunity to teach in a long while. (Here’s a shot from the event tweeted by @azarinelli) What a great crowd! They even let me live when I totally trashed something in the last five minutes of the class. Great day though, all around, and I even got to the Mall of America after the seminar. Man, that place is HUGE!

(3) My Indy and Chicago Tour Stops are Sold Out!
My Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it seminars Wednesday and Thursday are already sold out, and I’m really psyched to get to train to over 2,100 photographer in just four cities, in a little over a week. We’ll be announcing another tour date maybe by Friday. :)

(4) Two Grids in One Week
Last week we taped “The Grid” live from Photoshop World, and then yesterday Matt had Scott Diussa (from Nikon Professional Services) on as his guest during the live broadcast. By the time you read this, last week’s Photoshop World episode will have already been posted online, and then this week’s show should be up later today. Here’s the link.

(5) Here’s some more Photoshop World coverage & photos
A few folks, including our buddy Rick Sammon, who posted their own coverage of last week’s Photoshop World conference, and I wanted to share some of their links:

> Rick Sammon’s story on the Grid live broadcast with photos (link)

> Hoffman Art & Design (link)

> Michelle Hedstrom (link)

> Daniel Glass (link)

> Cool B&W photos from Day Two from PSW blog (link)

> Day 1 B&W photos from PSW Blog (link)

> Great photos from Moose & Joe’s PSW workshop (link)

> Orge Photography (link)

If I missed any, just post ’em in the comments below.

(6) OK, now I’m really beat
I’ve got to hit the sack. I’m flying to Indianapolis this morning, but I’ve got the whole day off with nothing to do. I’m not sure I’ll know how to handle it. ;-)

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Scott:

    I don’t know how you do all the things you do. You must run on Energizer batteries.

    Good to hear the Minneapolis stop was great…Boston must have set the tone for the tour. I just started reading your new book, and so far I am really impressed! Great content, although you really don’t spend much time on eye retouching, do you? :D

    Some great links to check out. Thanks for posting them.


  2. Cool, Michelle got her blog in here! Way to go!

  3. PSW was great this year … Looking forward to Vegas! I have a few photos from Orlando here on my blog:

  4. shot with a P7000 with its built-in mic, here’s a video from the party

  5. Im buying the Kindle version of the book when it comes out on April 21. I can pre-order it but I’d rather be able to download when I pay for it. 8-)

  6. If your stuck for something to do in Indy, have a look around the Speedway & Museum, you cant fail to be impressed as you’ve shot motor sport! Also try ‘Ricks Cafe Boatyard’ at Eagle Creek (not far from the Speedway) for some grub, much better than other well known Indy restaurants!


  7. Photoshop world was a BLAST! Michelle Hedstrom and many other PSW alumni were so great to me as a ‘first timer’. I can’t wait for my next PSW! I blogged a few of my first time tips and hope every person going to PSW for the first time has as great a time as I did!

  8. I’ll be seeing you in Indy tomorrow! Ought to be a great time! Special thanks to Matt and Scott for mentioning my tweet yesterday. Great discussion once again!

  9. Wow. I just about choked on my breakfast when I saw I made your blog. I feel honored. Thanks for the plug and hope you get some rest sometime soon.

  10. Welcome to Indy! If you’re staying downtown, Shapiros deli on South Meridian is always good, Roberts can probably meet any last-second photo supply needs, it will be a beautiful day for a relaxing stroll along our downtown canal (where we did the Photowalk a couple years ago), and they say tickets are still available if you want to catch the women’s NCAA Final Four championship game tonight. I’m looking forward to a great seminar tomorrow!

  11. See for several blog posts on PSW, some with iPhone4 backstage videos.
    PSW was a special experience for me and would love to thank all you guys, it rocked and I felt right at home.

  12. YAY! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s training!! Enjoy downtown Indy! If you want to drive an hour out you can join my family for a home cooked meal tonight. Otherwise, I recommend the women’s NCAA national championship game.

  13. Where is everyone who was at the Mpls seminar yesterday?
    Scott did a fabulous job (as usual). I think he purposely trashed the last example just to let us know that he really is human :-). How anyone could come right off PSW week and get up on Monday morning 1500 miles away and be both smart and funny in front of 600 photogs is beyond me.
    It was a great day with lots of action and Scott’s trademark humor that makes learning so much fun you just can’t believe that it’s already 5pm.
    Scott, Brad, & the NAPP/Kelby crew – you can come back to Mpls again.

    • I agree! You could also tell that Scott wasn’t feeling well but kept the excitement and learning level high. Please come back to Minneapolis and please tell the other seminars to come here as well!!!!

  14. I have posted a few reviews of PhotoshopWorld on my site:

    What a great week.

  15. Minneapolis is here! Scott was fantastic. The little glitch at the end…I probably learned more from Scott trying to fix it than if it had gone perfectly.

    I’ve been to a Photoshop World event and hope to go again some day.

    Scott, you and your team are excellent instructors. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  16. Cool, Scott posted one of my phone pics – thanks, Scott. (Shot without flash so as to not interfere with the class. Unfortunately some of the shots are a little blurry because of it…)

    Posted some more on my blog, with a quick critique :) –

  17. Thanks Scott for putting me in the blog, although I am Ogre Photography, so I guess it doesn’t need to be listed twice. Twice as good, I suppose. I’m still working on all the various little things I learned from PSW, and my regular, everyday stuff seems so boring now.

  18. Got the new book yesterday (Amazon pre order). I could not put the damn thing down. Even when I did put it down I had to go back later and learn more. Great book! Lots of helpful details – also feels like you are standing over my shoulder telling me how you do it as I read!

  19. Thanks for coming to Minneapolis Scott. I have a review and a couple of photos up here for anyone still on the fence about going.

  20. HEY Scott While you are in Indy you have to checkout the Crowne Plaza Hotel, near Colts stadium. Its built from an old train maintenance building, and still has 20 or so train cars on rails on the second floor that are actually hotel rooms. There are regular type rooms also. The whole place is very cool with the original steel girders still showing etc. Its a neat place and we stay there every time we are in Indy. Lots of photo ops too.

  21. I have a couple of posts on Had a great time at Photoshop World and I’m looking forward to the next one (after I catch up on several months of sleep).

  22. Scott..I hope you read this ’cause it’s real. I had no expectations of what your seminar was going to be in Minneapolis for Light it. Shoot it. Retouch it..mainly because I’m not a people shooter, but when I do shoot people pics..I wanna do it right. You delivered the tools baby. Glad to finally meet you and find out “if you kept the monopod that broke after Aaron Rodgers ran into you on the sidelines..” The other key factor everyone has to appreciate is…you have 8000 things going on at the same time and keep it fun. Thanks for everything up in Minny!

  23. Hey Scott. All of us from Adobe really enjoyed the seminar, and it inspired us to look into getting our own lighting setup. We all learned a lot. I for one have no experience with studio lighting, and I feel much less daunted now. Thank you.

    (By the way, the thing you “trashed” in the last part of class was something you had already demoed on the previous example (removing the white matte). So no worries — anyone who was paying attention should have gotten it.)

    (Also, thanks for the gift for helping you out of quick mask mode. ;) )

  24. hey scott k,
    i know this is way off topic but i just wanted to give you props not for your photoshop skills, not for your photography skills. but for your company as a whole. especially your customer service dept i called today explaining that my R.C book hasnt came yet its been over 10 days. and they politely told me that the reason was everybody was at Photoshop World especially R.C and i was going to receive a signed copy of the book so i would have to wait till he came back so he can sign books and ship mine out or i can receive an unsigned shipped right away. i wish more companies were like yours . i read the u.s airway article you wrote a while back and is similar to my story with costco . my mom is unemployed she has a costco membership i go with her and try to pay for groceries and they tell me i have to get a card if i want to shop here. i told them i dont want to shop my mom shopped im paying for her groceries , they got rude with me and told me theres nothing that they can do. so i write an email to corprate and they tell me the samething they told i could get a memebership and pay for my mothers groceries or i can put her on a joint bank account so she can pay for the groceries. i told him the first option benefits you because my moms card is just worthless she paid for it and your not honoring it. and as far as my bank account goes if i need financial advice i can go an accountant or a bank thats not what your in the business for. i told them that is sad that you guys are loosing are business for a technicality . we will go somewhere else were they care about the customer.

    lol my comment is long but i just wanted to tell you i too had a similar expirience and i liked your article . thank you for providing us with a great service and having a company that cares about its customers.

  25. A few pics on my blog of me at PSW…and I wasn’t there! (thanks to my good friends Eric, Deb and Michelle)

  26. Scott, the Mpls seminar was fantastic! Thanks so much for imparting not only some of your vast knowledge but also your constant enthusiasm. Great to finally meet you and I’m looking forward to the Vegas Photoshop World in September. Don’t wait another five years to come back, OK?

  27. My photos and thoughts about Photoshop World are at Thanks for a great experience in Orlando!

  28. Scott,

    Really looking forward to tomorrow in Chicago. I have a something special for you, hope we get a chance to get together so I can show it to you. :)

    – Kev

  29. Just received my Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop yesterday! Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks Scott, it looks amazing!

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