It’s quick, because I am totally beat, but I’ve got a few quick things before I hit the sack and head to Indianapolis tomorrow.

(1) My Portrait Retouching book for photographers now is in stock at Amazon and B&N
It just showed up late yesterday at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon—it’s in stock and ready to ship from both for around $29 ( or B&N). Just a heads up: this book was designed expressly for photographers who do their own retouching—it was not designed to teach you how to become a high-end retoucher. I saw a full review yesterday in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, (written by T. Michael Testi of and he totally nailed who the book was written for and why. Here’s the link.

(2) Minneapolis rocks!
Had an absolute ball yesterday, with nearly 600 photographers in attendance, and some of the nicest, most fun folks I’ve had the opportunity to teach in a long while. (Here’s a shot from the event tweeted by @azarinelli) What a great crowd! They even let me live when I totally trashed something in the last five minutes of the class. Great day though, all around, and I even got to the Mall of America after the seminar. Man, that place is HUGE!

(3) My Indy and Chicago Tour Stops are Sold Out!
My Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it seminars Wednesday and Thursday are already sold out, and I’m really psyched to get to train to over 2,100 photographer in just four cities, in a little over a week. We’ll be announcing another tour date maybe by Friday. :)

(4) Two Grids in One Week
Last week we taped “The Grid” live from Photoshop World, and then yesterday Matt had Scott Diussa (from Nikon Professional Services) on as his guest during the live broadcast. By the time you read this, last week’s Photoshop World episode will have already been posted online, and then this week’s show should be up later today. Here’s the link.

(5) Here’s some more Photoshop World coverage & photos
A few folks, including our buddy Rick Sammon, who posted their own coverage of last week’s Photoshop World conference, and I wanted to share some of their links:

> Rick Sammon’s story on the Grid live broadcast with photos (link)

> Hoffman Art & Design (link)

> Michelle Hedstrom (link)

> Daniel Glass (link)

> Cool B&W photos from Day Two from PSW blog (link)

> Day 1 B&W photos from PSW Blog (link)

> Great photos from Moose & Joe’s PSW workshop (link)

> Orge Photography (link)

If I missed any, just post ’em in the comments below.

(6) OK, now I’m really beat
I’ve got to hit the sack. I’m flying to Indianapolis this morning, but I’ve got the whole day off with nothing to do. I’m not sure I’ll know how to handle it. ;-)

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