Hi Gang: Just wanted to share a few quick things to follow-up on my post from last week (link) about why I love Google+.

Seeing your photos on G+
One of the views you can choose is right at the top of this post—this is the grid view of my Football Portfolio when I look at it on Google+ (I just posted it this weekend). You can see how many people commented on each image (the small number in the corner of the images show if anybody did comment, and how many), which is helpful for you in determining which images are resounding with your viewers.

How others see your photos
If you saw my post, and clicked on one of the photos, here’s how they’re displayed (above), with the black border and the comments running alongside.

Getting the EXIF Data on the photos is one click away
If you click and hold on the Actions button under the bottom right corner of the photos, you can choose Photo Details, and then you get the screen above with the EXIF data. Pretty handy. :)

My progress on Google+
Last week I mentioned that in just two months on G+ I had just passed the number of people who follow me on Facebook. Well, in the week since then, I’ve already now more than doubled the number (of course, much of that is because Google is now letting the public have accounts, too). I have 18,000+ folks following me on Facebook. By the time you read this, my Google+ number will over 43,000. I’m stunned.

Are your potential clients on Google+?
I saw a number of comments saying basically, “Scott, I think it’s cool that all these photographers are on Google+, but I need to find clients, not other photographers.” I totally agree, and at this point a lot more of your potential clients are on Facebook, and I don’t want you to think I’m trying to talk you out of using Facebook (I couldn’t if I tried, and I’m not going to stop using Facebook either). Here’s the good news: In the last week, more than 10 million people joined Google+ and they’re not all photographers. A lot are your potential customers. It might be easier to stand out here at this point, than it is among the 800 million people on Facebook. :-)

Anyway, just thought I’d do a little follow-up

So, that’s my thoughts on G+ as it stands today, but it’s moving and growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up, so I expect I’ll have more to report soon.

Today I’m up in Philly doing my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” Tour for nearly 400 photographers (photo above from my Cologne, Germany stop, by Calvin Hollywood). My next stops are: Houston on Oct. 5th and Lansing, Michigan on Oct. 7th. Here’s the link if you want to spend the day with me. Hope I’ll see you there! (Hey, I hope I see you today in Philly!). :)

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