Results From Yesterday’s Survey (and an even quicker one-question poll)

OK, over 3,200 of you voted yesterday and I posted the results from that Lightroom Reader Suggested Feature Survey (quite surprising results by the way), over at along with a link to today’s even quicker one-question survey, which is based on the series that I wrote which started this whole thing, called:

“What I love to see added to Lightroom”

I did a post on one feature each day for seven days, so there are just seven feature ideas (but you can only pick one). It’s short and sweet â” will take you less than 60-seconds.

Here’s the direct link to this new survey if you just want to jump over there real quick and vote, but make sure you jump back over to Lightroom Killer Tips to see yesterday’s results, too.

Perhaps, equally as important, but not really….
…are the results from my “Which Guitar Has To Go Home?” survey:

That’s right â” the Paul Stanley (lead singer for KISS) Signature Model Flying “V” up in the top right corner was your clear #1 choice and therefore must be banished from my office, and sent into exile within my private residence (which is very close to my house) under strict orders not to get anywhere near my Les Paul or my Paul Reed Smith Custom 24.

In times like these it’s a tradition (for over 1/100th of a century) to conduct an official “Changing of the Guitar” ceremony broadcast LIVE today via the Periscope App (free for IOS and now Android). If you’re not already following me there, please do (I’m @scottkelby) and watch as the magic unfolds. The spectacle and pageantry of this majestic processional is really something to behold. You’ll want to tell your grandchildren about this one, so make sure your batteries are charged, you have plenty of film on hand, and get there early to get a good spot and avoid all the tourists.

That’s all from here in “I’m up way too late” land. Hope you have a rockin’ Tuesday!



P.S. Later today we’ll be forming the “Missing V” formation as we gather in unison to hum “Detroit Rock City.” 


  1. Scott,

    Just curious, how well does the Parker Fly play? I’ve never played one and have always though they had an awesome design. I remember when they first came out a lot of people were playing them, but I rarely see them anymore.

    Have you ever seen Kirk Hammett (Metallica) wave caster guitar? It’s clear acrylic and has this blue liquid inside, it’s sweet. First time I saw something like that was on their Cunning Stunts VHS back in the 90s lol. Just do a search for Kirk Hammet wave caster guitar, you’ll find it.

    .psb support in lightroom! I know, I’m the only one :(

  2. thanks Scott.

    I’m happy yesterday’s survey confirmed that there’s significant support for a major UI change in LR (the other feature choices are comparatively minor though good). Today’s survey is the perfect follow on with “make thumbnails and full-size previews load lightening fast (like Photo Mechanic)” a necessary corollary to the UI change.

    4K screens are already here, more are on the way and photographers want to use them. I’m already waiting 2-3 seconds on a maxed out desktop for each RAW to render in Develop and that’s on a NEC 302W (2560px x 1600px rendering a ‘Fit Sized’ 1760px x 1140px preview when left and right panels are present). Imagine the lag on a 4K screen with another 800,000 pixels to draw… and forget about enjoying a secondary display zoomed in to check details at the same time. On my system that rendering seems to happen in series rather than in parallel, so too slow to be useful.

    We need Adobe to plan for Photo Mechanic-like speed in LR7’s Develop module.

    Canon shooters waiting for the 1Dx2 and 5D4 know we’re going to get some combination of MPs, frame rate, AF accuracy and DR. pushing the keeper envelope wider and putting more pressure on our editing tools.

    Since you’ll have each of those cameras in your hands before we do (and might even have a little NDA inkling already), you’re the perfect guy to drive the point home to Adobe now.

    I’m keen to hear what this feedback means to Adobe when you share it.

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