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(Above: Top row: The crowd in Salt Lake City yesterday. My live shoot using Westcott Apollo soft boxes. Bottom Row: That’s me with Lyle Stavast between sessions [an awesome uber Lightroom user who is always everybody out over at our site], and Salt Lake City’s famous Crown Burgers. Ate there 20 years ago and haven’t had a chance to go back until yesterday. Still super yummy!). 

Hi everybody, and greetings from Los Angeles.

Sorry I have fallen behind here on the blog in the past few days â” I’ve been so heads down working on launching this new “Reloaded” tour (which debuted yesterday in Salt Lake City), that I haven’t had time for anything else.

The time was well spent, because we had an awesome kick-off to the new tour yesterday (thanks to the photographers who came out for the day), and I’m looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of you in person tomorrow at the convention center.

So far, all of my shoot ideas have fallen though (shooting at an automotive studio here in LA and shooting at the Orpheum theater. Still have one last possible one still out there, but it’s not looking good so I might just have a day of Brad and I driving around aimlessly on the streets of Los Angeles.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’m alive and well in a small hotel room in LA, and I’ll be back to my regular schedule of blogging on Friday (and of course tomorrow is Guest Blog Wednesday and Thursday is, as always, “Free Stuff” Thursday).

Hope you all have a great Tuesday, and here’s wishing that all your shoots come through! :)


Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard 

  1. Scott,

    Possible ideas –

    Isn’t Tony Corbel in LA? Perhaps he has some suggestions or contacts that you can call.

    Or a long shot – my daughter Alexandra Boden is a VFX artist for a Cantina Creative, a special effects studio near LA. She worked on The Hunger Games, and most recently, Furious 7. She may be able to help you with place or an idea for a shoot. Let me know if you want her contact info.


  2. Thank you so much for coming to SLC yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and learned a great deal from the subjects you covered. I walked away with some great ideas of how to move forward with my photography. I hope to have another chance to attend one of your seminars in the future – and that I won’t be too nervous to come up and say hello. Thank you again! -Stacey

  3. That’s not me. I’m a lot skinnier than that in my mind…

    Great seminar; best “S.L.A.P.” upside the head since Jethro LeRoy Gibbs on NCIS…it’s always good to challenge what you think you know and how you look at situations/gear/tools.

    Good demos with cost-sensitive gear in mind; that’s the majority of learners and hobbists too.

    Highly recommend anyone on the fence to jump it and attend.

    I have already reworked some duo-tones with the ‘secret sauce” tips this morning. So simple, so much better.

    Thanks to the guys from SkyWest Airlines who tolerated me at lunch at Toasters (just south of the Salt Palace..)

  4. Thanks for everything Scott!

    It was an amazing seminar, I learned so much! I absolutely loved the live demo. It made studio photography not seem so daunting. I also really appreciated the equipment tips and that it was budget friendly. Can’t wait to try some studio shots soon!

    On our lunch break I went out and took some quick photos around Temple Square using the techniques you had taught and REALLY noticed how I was already benefiting from being in your tour class.

    Thanks to tips, I know I will be able to work more efficiently and have better looking photos. I loved the “Secret Sauce”, everything was so great!

    Here’s a photo from my lunch expeditions – now it’s no Scott Kelby photo, but the building isn’t leaning back, woo hoo! Thanks again :)

    – Heidi

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