Some Last Minute Photoshop World Conference Stuff!

We’re just a week away from Photoshop World kicking off, so here’s a bunch of PSWorld stuff!

Get Our New Completely Redesigned Photoshop World Conference App
I gotta hand it to our App developer Shawn Welch, he totally nailed this App update! If you’re going to Photoshop World, this App is indispensable â” it lets you do everything from assemble your custom class schedule, to finding vendors on the Expo floor, to learning about every instructor, finding your way to class, and a whole lot more!  Available FREE on the App store for iPhone and iPad. (Great job Shawn!)

Big Electric Cat is Rockin’ Photoshop World!
My band “Big Electric Cat” (fronted by the amazing Kalebra Kelby) is playing the Photoshop World Private Attendee Party on Wednesday night at B.B. Kings Bar & Grill. If you don’t have your tickets yet, call 1-800-738-8513 and grab a couple before it’s sold out!

Here’s what you missed last time (but you don’t have to miss it in Orlando!)
At the end of the conference, we have a big together for all the attendees and instructors as we recap an incredible week, and our video crew puts together four short clips, one for each day), and they’re a great way to really see what Photoshop World is all about. I’m posting the four here (they’re very short — less than 2 minutes each I believe) :

Above: Highlights from the pre-conference workshops, the day before the conference starts.

Above: It’s Day 1 of our Election Year theme (That’s not really Sarah Palin. It’s an impresonator just for laughs, but she was so spot-on that it freaked some people out. Here’s the keynote, the private party, the Expo, classes are more!)

Above: Day 2: It’s portfolio reviews, live shoots, food shoots, lighting, more classes, Westcott’s amazing “Shoot Offs” with live models on the show floor, the Expo floor, and the occasional zombie.

Above: Day 3’s video includes a peek at Dave Black’s incredible live shoot with an Olympic Gold Medal gymnast, more live shoots, a whirlwind tour of the Expo floor; the panelists for the “Art of Digital Photography” nighttime panel; and a hint of what’s in-store at Midnight Madness. 

Is it too late to sign-up?
Heck no! It’s not too late to join us next week in Orlando for three days that will absolutely blow your mind! There are seven different tracks running all three days, and whether you’re into Photoshop, Graphic Design, Lighting, Photography, Lightroom, or the business side of it all, there are tons of class (and tons of fun) waiting for you next week in Orlando.

Thousands of people from around the world will be there — so, where will you be the when world’s best instructors take the stage next week? I hope you’re right there with us for an experience you’ll never forget!

Here’s the link: — this is the year! You’re going! :)

I’ll see you there!


  1. Wow, Shawn’s new version of the PSW app is impressive! Much more user friendly. Give that man a raise! :-)
    Great short video clips of PSW. My funny experience was that I was talking to the videographer as I walked next to him going into the keynote at Vegas. I never thought to get in front of him, so I would be on video! LOL
    I think I saw myself going into Midnight Madness, but the video is really sped up there. Good times, good times!!

  2. I gotta say, I lOVE Photoshop! And as with any tool it requires knowledge about how to use it properly, (and safely), and a vision of what you want to accomplish with it. So I’m all for education! In fact because my personal specialty is Portrait Photography, I’ve embarked on an educational campaign via youtube with a mini series titled “What Makes a Photograph a Portrait”, and I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word. (Part 4 – Post Production is primarily about how Photoshop is used to turn photographs into portraits). If you’re intereste you can view it here:

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