Taking stock of Stockholm

Hello there fair people of the internet! I’m Dave Williams and I’m here every #TravelTuesday on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider. This week I’m writing you to tell you about my trip to Stockholm this past weekend and what I’ve done there in terms of generating some new stock assets, along with my experiences along the way.

If you’ve been keeping track with my Instagram Story (you can catch up on my Highlights if you missed it) you’ll know that here in the UK we’ve recently felt the wrath of the Beast From The East, and this weekend we were hit with part two, the beast returns! The reason it was so named is because meteorological folklore describes easterly winds here in the following  rhyme: –

Winds from the East are no good for man nor beast

Which basically means if the wind is blowing from the east it’s likely coming from Siberia and will be bitterly cold, so any condensation in the air (which we have a lot of owing to our maritime climate) will turn into snow. It’s good to know a bit about weather systems when you’re a travel photographer – most importantly so that you know when to stay nice and cosy in bed! With that in mind, I headed East to Stockholm to meet this beast for myself! I’m a bit strange like that!

The reason I chose Stockholm is largely due to my love for all things Scandi, but partly because I went there a few years ago and discovered that they have an absolutely incredible metro system. It’s basically an enormous art installation with all the stations having something different about them, my favourite of which being the ones that resemble caves. It’d get me into the relative warmth too and away from that beast! While I was there I took advantage of the Platypod Ultra I’ve been working with and provided the great people of Platypod with some more BTS shots. If you don’t have one, get one!

So, that Metro system… I speak very little Swedish, but one thing I can translate is tunnelbana – tunnel train! The only other thing is takk – thanks. That’s literally the extent of my Swedish. I can, however, show you why the Tunnelbana is often called the world’s longest art gallery.



A short while ago I wrote a post here about the importance of personal projects, and for me this was very much a personal project. I visited Stockholm three years ago and this was a test of self improvement, and a break away from reality because right now there’s just too much going on and it’s important to take care of number one! Saturday night and Sunday were spent having time for me, but during the day on Saturday I was on a mission with this project!

I hope this helps provoke you all into self-development and a little project just for you!

Much love


  1. Hey Scott, a bit of correction on your swedish :) Tunnelbana would be more of tunnel track. Swedish word for train is tåg :) Takk is actually the Danish word for thanks, in Swedish (though pronounced the same way) it’s spelled Tack :)
    Still, beautiful shots you show from Stockholm.

  2. Hi David, some correction on your swedish :) Tunnelbana would be tunnel track, the swedish word for train is tåg. Takk is actually the danish word, the swedish work (though pronounced the same) is Tack :)
    Really beautiful shots you are showing from the Stockholm Tunnelbana.

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