Hey everyone, Brad here with some breaking news… Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live: Behind The Scenes, Part 2 app is now available on BOTH the iTunes Store (for the iPhone/iPad) and the Android Market!

Photo Recipes Live, Part 2 is introductory priced at just $9.99, but in two weeks it jumps up to its regular price of $19.99, so download it now while it’s 50% off (this same deal is available for Photo Recipes Live 1 as well, so if you missed it, get it too before it goes to $19.95 in two weeks).

Here are the links for both apps in the iTunes Store & Android Market:
Photo Recipes Live, Part 1iTunes | Android
Photo Recipes Live, Part 2iTunes | Android

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  1. I have both of the physical copies of Scott’s Photo Recipes books/DVD’s. Both are excellent investments for anyone trying to learn lighting techniques under various conditions. Well worth getting the Android or iPad app, especially at this sale price!


  2. I just ordered app2, #1 was awesome!

  3. If you can sell the app for $10 now… why not in two weeks?

  4. YES! Just Downloading it now, I loved the first one.

  5. Downloading as we speak; if #1 was anything to go by then this is sure to be a killer App!


  6. Looks good guys, hope it sells well.

    OT Comment:

    Hey Scott and PS Guys. Not sure where to leave this comment that relates to recent shows on PS User TV and The Grid, so I’m posting here. Please go ahead and delete it if need be.

    1. In your discussion/punting of HDR, all of you suggest that there are realistic looking HDR images out there. Please share a link of where I can see these images. The only realistic looking HDR work I’ve seen is when photographers manually blend different exposures – landscape photographer Marc Adamus being a prime example.

    2. In Mat’s example on blurring the background with the lens blur filter, a very useful tip would be how to blur the backround without blurring the edges of the subject. I find that even with careful selection and masking, the subject blur still “bleeds” onto the background around the edges of the subject.

    3. Regarding shooting interesting subjects – I heard a great quote relating to travel photography – “shoot what you find interesting and someone else is bound to be interested in it too”. I find that all too often, we shoot what is popular within the media right now, when the great photographers are busy shooting what will be popular within the media tomorrow.

  7. Hey Scott, i just want to say tanks for your great work!
    Digital retouch (Bildretusche) is my business and i can really say, i learned a lot from your books.

  8. Would love to have this for the Blackberry Playbook. :)

  9. Loved the first one, can’t wait to get back to a wi-fi zone to download the second – I just know it’ll be great!

  10. Do these download everything to the iPad or does it require having internet to view the videos? Do these include everything on the retail DVD if you buy it from the store?

  11. Downloading now, got to have something to do in bed;o)

    Seriously, get them both if this one is half as good as the first then for the price (even full price) you get an amazing amount of info for your money

  12. Giving this one a whirl. Downloading as I type….and looking forward to seeing how the app works! :)

    Oh, and in answer to Jon Reid above. I play with both realistic and stylized HDRs. Here’s a link to a favorite realistic HDR from the north rim of the Grand Canyon. :)

  13. Much love for the Android version of this app! Nice to see you guys catering to us as well. iphony…

  14. Can anyone answer: Does the app allow downloading of the videos for offline viewing, or does it require a “live” internet connection?

  15. Thanks for replying Rich. In response to your image, I found it believable in the canyon. The detail looks good with rich shadows and realistic colours. The sky has an HDR look to it though, where it almost looks too polarized. Artistically, it works but I am yet to see an example of realistic HDR (other then the manual blending method.)

    By the way, if anyone can point out a more suitable place to post these comments, it would be greatly appreciated by myself and everyone else forced to read these OT comments.

  16. Hey Scott,

    bought both apps today (only about 8 euros each here in Germany) and after watching the first few chapters of part 1 I have to say: Totally worth it! Great hands on information, very useful. Especially liked the part about how to position your subject when using windows light – great!

    Thanks a lot and keep it up

  17. i am reading this on my iPod so it took a while for the page to load. I saw the title and picture and I thought: Yeeeees!!
    My second thought was: Wait a minute I’ve already got both books.
    Is this one of the times where “lol” is correct? As only Scott, Matt and Sarah plain would say: You betcha!!!

  18. I sure some folks feel these apps are useful on an iPhone/iPad, but I find it hard to envision when I would use these in the field. In the studio, the books and DVDs are excellent resources. Plus the app is 1.7 gigabytes! That’s a lot of real estate to commit to something used only sporadically.

  19. Scott (and everyone else reading along),

    Two comments in one day from me? Wow, I usually try to avoid that. :)

    Okay, I downloaded #2 today and I’ve popped it on my IPod Touch. In between clients I got a look here and there. It’ll be loaded on my IPhone tonight as well. With that said I think you know lots of positives here. I’ll be downloading #1 tomorrow. I’ve got a few comments now positive & negative.

    The app is what I’ve been wanting in a delivery system for a long time. As a multi-year NAPP member, and a multi-year KelbyTraining.com member I’ve always been very happy. But I often got bummed out watching videos on KelbyTraining.com (Joe McNally would start saying something and the buffer window would come up). I don’t know if it was my network (checked the speed every time, former network engineer) or yours, but man I buffered myself into insanity sometimes. I always wished that I could actually download the video content to view in between clients. This app is exactly what I’ve always wanted from you guys!!!!! Is KelbyTraining going to get to the point of something like this app? If so, I’ll renew again (just expired a month and a half ago).

    Going beyond the IPod, IPhone, and IPad (I’m working on inventing the ITissue for whiners like myself…..just waiting for Kleenex to get onboard), how about just the down-loadable app for our big screen computers as well? If there were a premium Kelby Training site that allowed for that I can tell you that I’d have my cash money in hand.

    Oh, to Dan’s point above….. When I first really started getting into photographing people in the field and practicing I kept Zack Arias’ One Light DVD on my IPod Touch. It was a great resource in the field. I could totally see Kelby Training Apps living on my mobile device as I’m working out something new, and then cycling out the next one as I learn the next new thing.

    Big Thumbs Up on the app. I’m greedy, I want more. :) That’s what I’m commenting about tonight.

    As always, thanks for the great resource and the willingness of everyone on your staff to share.

    Woah, my longest post here too!

  20. Ooops, read back. You’ve got the Kelby Training app out. Checking it out tomorrow. LOL! How do you make the embarrassed face icon? ;)

  21. Nice news Scott I have both as book an cd and nice to have them in iPad … Nice news to have them in android, too.

  22. Hello, I havebought an app for Android, but still two days writes me “server not available” and I can’t download any video. Is there some contact for support? Thanks for any help. Thomas

  23. Hello, I have bought an app for Android, but still two days writes me “server not available” and I can’t download any video. Is there some contact for support? Thanks for any help. Thomas

  24. Strange, it says $12.99 in my iTunes store

  25. Hey Thomas,

    Mine is saying the exact same. Tried to unistall and reinstall, to no avail. Any other Android people having this problem? I am on an Asus TF tablet (still running 3.01)

  26. Downloaded both.
    One suggestion… It would be great if these supported AirPlay.

  27. So I bought this app on a whim & I must say that I would really like to see more content like this! I tried Kelby Training but I prefer to have to content local, the quality is better and I don’t need an Internet connection to view it.

    I’d love to see more KT modules as apps. I would be happy to spend $10-$20 on a couple of hours of hands on video with various photographers displaying different techniques.


  28. 1) Sad to see that many questions here about this app are not answered

    2) Can anyone tell me if the book/DVD and the app have the same content ?

  29. Brad, you’re awesome…

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