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Hi Gang—-it’s Photoshop World Week (Whoo Hoo!!!!).

In an effort to give you guys the “you are there” feel (and to make my blogging duties somewhat lighter during the conference), this week I’ll be posting live during the conference—mostly photos taken with my iPhone and posted using the iPhone App “Blog Press.”

I’ll also include a headline with the photos, and I’m going to see if at the end of each day, I can get Brad Moore (one of our official show photographers) to upload some quality images from the day’s events as well.

Also, we’ll be covering everything from the Keynote to the Expo live on Twitter (follow @NAPP_News for live wall-to-wall coverage), and keep an eye on the Photoshop World Website for photo uploads, and the Photoshop World blog as well.

If you’re at Photoshop World, make sure you stop me and say hi—-I always get a kick out of meeting the very people I write this blog for. :)   Hope to see you there!

  1. Have a great time Scott; but then having been to a PSWorld I know that’s a definite.
    Looking forward to the updates and hearing all the news/stories of what’s going on.

    All the best to you and the gang,

    ps> Quick questions…Re the iPhone App ‘Blog Press’ how do you find it ie does it crash as frequent as the ‘Reviews’ on iTunes suggest?


  2. Scott
    Do you know when you guys are going to do a live recording of Photoshop User TV?

    See you at the tweetup tomorrow night. If you can please come by and say hi to the Napp Forum members. We’ll be nearby at the The Everglades Restaurant from 8:30 on it would be great.


    See you there.

      1. Hey Scott, How are you getting so many extra fields at the bottom of the grid view thumbnails on the pic :)??

      1. I understand the ducking in the photo now. Man thats one funny story (I know it wasn’t at the time). I lost my passport in Aruba and know how you felt (wheres the jail). The problem there is the US Embassy is on Curacao! That meant flying on a fly-by-night little 2 seater over there to get my passport. Some countries like Venezuela will arrest you if caught without one, and then wait for 3 years for a bond hearing!

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