Trip Report: Germany Rocks!!!!

Hi gang: We had an absolutely fantastic seminar in Cologne, Germany on Wednesday. We had nearly 300 photographers there with me for the day, and I met some of the nicest, most gracious folks anywhere. What a warm welcome for my first tour in Europe—thanks to everyone who came out!!!

Here’s a few shots from the day, including one of my special guest retoucher, the amazing Calvin Hollywood (if you haven’t caught his classes on Kelby Training Online yet, this guy is insane!!!). Of course, the crowd loved Calvin, and I loved having him there (that’s Calvin above hanging out in the back before his retouching session—photos by Brad Moore).

(That’s Calvin above during his session where he shared his latest high contrast “freaky stuff.” Very cool techniques–I took notes the whole time he was on stage).

By the time you read this, I’m already teaching my seminar in Amsterdam, and my special guest instructor is none other than Frank Doorhof, and I cannot wait to see what Frank has up his sleeve!!!

My wife and son flew over here to spend a few days with me here in Amsterdam, so I am just totally psyched for the weekend, and I might even have a shot or two to share next week. :)

Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll talk again soon.

  1. Glad to see Europe getting some Kelbyness. UK/Europe has some great photographers, Photoshop experts and teachers of both, (all supported by a wealth of NAPP resources) so maybe within the next 5 years we could see a NAPP sponsored European PSW type event …. Maybe ? :) Have a great weekend, enjoy Amsterdam !!

  2. Your seminar in Cologne was great!!! It was very nice to meet you and talk to you. Thank you for being so patient signing all my books! Please come back to Germany with another tour and have a great time in Amsterdam!

      1. ok I understand. In that situation, I guess English was appropriate. I went to one of Scott’s shows in London and it was excellent. It would be good to see Calvin in action though.

  3. I just want to say that I absolutely loved your Seminar. I had great expectations and you fulfilled all of them. It was very entertaining and I learned a lot.
    I would describe myself as an enthusiastic hobbyist who uses some nikon strobes so far. I will try to copy some of your techniques and you even made me consider trying some studio strobes in the future.
    Thanks again and I hope to see you with more seminars in the future.
    Greetings Tom

  4. Huh. Germany looks just like the UNITED STATES! Who’d have thought it?


    Glad it went well, I’d love to see Calvin teach live, his class was one of my favorites on Kelby Training so far!

  5. Hi dear Scott,
    We hope to see you in Iran soon. I’ve ask my best friend Ali Rajabi to provide a good seminar in Tehran and invite you. He has promised to do it.
    Too many photographers and photoshop guys are waiting. Please make your mind to travel to Iran and visit one of the warmest people and most amazing sceneries for shooting.

    Hope to see you soon. Good luck on your tour.

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