Tuesday News Stuff

Hi folks. It’s Tuesday, and time for some news:


  • The Best of Photoshop User TV, Volume 2 now on DVD
    We released Volume 2 of “The Best of Photoshop User TV” on DVD (shown above) and it’s packed with the best tutorials and tips from the last couple of years on the air, and it features “The Photoshop Guys” (Me, Matt Kloskowski and Dave Cross). Besides the tons of tutorials, there’s also a hilarious blooper reel (read as humiliating) and that alone is worth the price of the DVD (not really). However, it is filled with more than two hours of nothing but our best tutorials from the show, and you can order yours right here.
  • Worldwide Photo Walk “Add Your City” Deadline This Thursday
    The deadline for applying to have a walk in your city is coming up this Thursday, June 18th, so if you’ve been thinking of leading a walk—better apply for one now (here’s the link).
  • Photo Walk Update
    1. First, big news: We’ve added yet another sponsor to my Worldwide Photo Walk and they (like the rest of the sponsors) have added some sweet prizes to the photo contest part of the walk. Please join me in welcoming X-Rite (link) as a sponsor, who has graciously sweetened the Grand Prize by adding a ColorMunki Photo, and now each of the 10 finalists will get an X-rite mini color checker as well. Sweet!
    2. We have now passed 14,000 walkers, and we have nearly 870 walks scheduled around the world. I hope you can join us (it’s free!). Here’s the link to join a walk in your city.
    3. We have a number of countries that have multiple walks in different cities, including: Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, Thailand, The UK, Spain, The Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and The Philippines.
  • New iPhone Remote App for Nikon Cameras In The Works over at OnOne
    We talked with our buddy Mike Wong over at OnOne Software yesterday, and he let us know they’re developing an iPhone-based wireless camera release for Nikon cameras, similar to what they did last month for Canon cameras (here’s the link). I’ll let you know as soon as its available (and a big hats-off to OnOne and Mike for taking the initiative to create more cool tools for photographers).
  • Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage Update
    I heard from Molly Bail, the woman behind the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage (link) with an update on the building progress. Although they hoped to open on June 1st, apparently building projects don’t move as quickly in Kenya as they’d hoped. They still have some electrical and painting to do and lots of finishing work, but Molly seems very hopeful that everything will be done by August. They are still feeding and caring for the children in the meantime, but by August they’ll finally have a roof over their head (thanks to the efforts of so many people from this blog. In fact, another $500 check came in from a reader just this week). I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress as I hear from Molly.
  • New “Illustrator CS4 for Beginners” Online Class from Dave Cross
    We released a new online class over at Kelby Training Online from our own Dave Cross, and if you’ve ever wanted to really learn Adobe Illustrator, this is your chance because Dave does an amazing job of getting you up and running fast. Here’s the link with class descriptions.
  • Tomorrow’s Special Guest Blogger is…..
    ….Orlando, Florida-based portrait photographer Jon-Paul Douglas. My assistant/digitaltechguy/photowalkblogger/DTownTVtecheditor Brad Moore first turned me onto to Jon-Paul’s work (here’s the link) and his blog (here’s that link) earlier this year and he’s incredibly creative in both pursuits. If you’ve got a minute, make sure you check out his portfolio (I particularly like the way his images fill the entire window. What a great way to show your work!), and then make sure you’re back here tomorrow to check out his special guest blog.

That’s it for this Tuesday, folks. I’ll see you back here on Thursday for my most embarrassing photo yet. Yikes! Have a great day everybody. :)

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