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Yesterday in Boston we kicked off the Photoshop World Conference & Expo, and here’s a quick look at Day 1:


NAPP Releases New CS4 Watermark Panel
During yesterday’s opening keynote, we released a special CS4 Watermark Panel created just for NAPP members (shown above) that lets you add a custom watermark to your photos automatically, and it even includes a batch processing option that lets you apply a watermark to an entire folder of images automatically.If you’re a NAPP member, you can download this free Member Exclusive panel from the member’s website.

Wacom Releases New Intous 4 Tablet, and it Rocks!
The big buzz around the show floor yesterday was around Wacom’s release of their new Intuos 4 line of tablets. I’ve had one of the prerelease units for a few weeks  now and I have to tell you—it is absolutely amazing! This will be the tablet that makes everyone who ever wondered if they should be using a tablet finally “get it” and wonder why they waited so long. I used the Intous 4 in my retouching class yesterday and I was swamped with questions and people wanting to see it after my class. Luckily, Wacom had a special hands-on lab here where anybody could sit down and take it for a test drive. I’ll probably tape a short video next week to show you why this is new tablet is so amazing, but in the meantime you can check out Wacom’s site for all the details.

Adobe’s Opening Keynote Scores!
The real star of yesterday’s show was Adobe with their fast-paced keynote, hosted by Adobe VP John Loiacono (better known as Johnny L to Photoshop World attendees), with guest appearance by Photoshop Principal Product Manager John Nack, and Adobe Evangelist Russell Preston Brown. In their presentation they convered a whole different side of Photoshop CS4, and it really blew a lot of people away (they also announced a new “Adobe Marketplace” coming this summer, and a special NAPP-members discount on Photoshop CS4). Adobe always does a great keynote at Photoshop World, but a lot of folk felt this may have been their best, with a great mix of info, laughs, ooohs and ahhhhs. Thanks Adobe for a fantastic start to the conference!

The Live Blogging Continues
I know thousands of people have been following our own Nancy Masse and her daily Photoshop World blog, along with her live coverage of the keynote yesterday, but if you’re not on board yet, here’s the link to her daily blog, the link to the Kyenote Live Blogging (you can replay it right there on the site) and here’s the link to her NAPP_News group on Twitter (they held a “Tweet Up” in the Sheraton Boston Tuesday night, and we all were standing around laughing and Tweeting).

McNally is Everywhere!
At this point, we might as well rename the event “Joe McNallyWorld” because this guy is everywhere! Yesterday Joe was part of the keynote (appearing in a video segment), we was doing sessions in the Peachpit Press Live Theater on the show floor; he was doing one-on-one Porfolio Reviews, then he’s got a session at the Nikon theater; his new book “Hot Shoe Diaries” is selling like wild fire, and the guy can’t walk five feet without being stopped to sign autographs. I’m thrilled to see one of the nicest, most humble guys on the planet, having the time of his life, and it’s all happened because Joe wants to give back and share what he’s learned from a lifetime behind the lens. Way to go big Joe (Not to mention his Kick-$#^ Special Guest Blog Post here yesterday, that if possible, even won him more fans. Thanks Joe, for honoring me with your wonderful post. You seemed to handle the “Pressure” with an awful lot of grace). :-)


There’s More
There’s so much more going on here than I can possibly cover in the short time I have to blog today (Above LtoR: Corey Barker, Me, Terry White, and RC—photo by Jeff Revell). I did a talk at the MPIX booth yesterday and met a lot of great people (and everybody I talked to get a $25.00 credit at MPIX.com on their order); I stopped by the Hoodman booth and they are killing with their new cards (which by the way—they still don’t have a single in-field failure, which is just amazing), Epson had a large booth with an amazing gallery of images and people were all over it. Matt Kloskowski did a free “Shooting for HDR” class over in the Nikon Theater and it was standing room only. I sat in on a class from Nikon’s Sam Garcia that was just fantastic (what an engaging speaker). We’re taping another live “Walk around the Expo Floor” episode of Photoshop User TV today, so that should be fun.

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow with more (but it might go up a little late like today’s post). Don’t forget, if you’re in the area, you can stop by the Expo Floor for free (get your free Expo Pass at PhotoshopWorld.com). Have a great day!

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