The Worldwide Photo Walk Contest Submissions

Hey everyone, Brad Moore here with a couple of quick updates on the contest and social aspects of the Worldwide Photo Walk. A lot of people have asked about submitting photos to the contest and sharing them online. If you just want the deadline dates, you can see the full schedule here. If you want a bit more info on how everything is happening, here’s the rundown of how we’re doing everything this year…

Walker Photo Contest
Each walker will be able to submit their one best photo taken during the Photo Walk to the contest. After your walk on October 13, you’ll go to the Photo Walk website and log in, then go to your Walk Page. There you’ll see where you can upload your image to the contest. We recommend the photos be no larger than 1MB in size.

You’ll have until October 22 to submit your image to the contest. You are not required to submit anything to the contest if you don’t want to. But, if you do, you’ll have a shot at winning some pretty awesome prizes!

Leaders will then have until October 29 to pick the best photo from their walk. From all of those photos, Scott Kelby will choose the Top Ten Finalists and one Grand Prize winner to be announced on November 9 . Those photos will also be voted on from November 9 – November 16 for the People’s Choice Award!

If you have questions about copyright and usage rights, you can get the full skinny on all that right here. The short version is, you agree to let us use your image to help promote next year’s Photo Walk. We don’t sell the images or claim any ownership of them.

If you want info on using Google+ for the social aspect of the Photo Walk, keep reading on the next post!

  1. Hi Brad…I am the leader for the Jakarta walk….do you want us to send you a group photo? If so, when? I also heard there will be a separate contest for walk leaders….where and when do we submit those images?

    1. Brad…please respond. In the past, walk leaders sent in a group photo….are you doing that this year? Where and when do we submit that? Can trip leaders participate in the photo competition?

  2. Is there any way to contact the walk leader via the photo walk page? Maybe I’m blind but I can’t find it – excuse my stupidity ;)

    Since at least half the fun of the photo walk comes from sitting together afterwards it would be really nice to be able to ask the leader before signing up for the walk whether the space he reserved at the restaurant is non-smoker. There’s nothing so disappointing as spending a day with nice people and then finding out that you have to leave before the best part because you’re allergic to smoke.

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