Want to Come Work With Us? We're Hiring Now For Some Awesome Jobs

Want to love coming to work every day? Come work with us at Kelby Training. We’ve got some BIG things we’re working on, and we need kick-butt people to help make it all happen. If that sounds like you, this could be the job of your dreams.

These job openings are in-house at our headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida (our offices are way cool), so you’ll have to either (a) live here already or (b) move here (lots of people move to Florida even without having jobs here). Luckily, we have really great benefits and you’ll get the opportunity to really work your butt off. But at least you’ll be doing it with some of the coolest, most creative, most fun people anywhere. Details at the bottom of this post for how to apply.

Here's who we're looking for:

(1) Insanely great video editors
If you’re a total shark at editing, we need you. All the editors we have are freakin’ amazing, so you have to totally “bring it.” But if you can swim with this crew, you will have a blast (well as much of a blast as you can have editing videos of me, Matt and RC and friends but you know what I mean). I truly love our video crew, and their leader, and you will, too! Totally great working environment with a real team spirit.

(2) Marketing Geniuses
We just hired an awesome Marketing Director Super-Wizard Guy, and he is putting together an absolutely kick-butt marketing team around him. We want you on that wall. We need you on that wall. You'll need to have some serious marketing experience, lots of energy, passion for what you do, and the ability to not only come up with great ideas, but make them happen. An incredible opportunity for the right person. You can start right away (the pay's not half bad either, you get awesome benefits, plus there's plenty of opportunity for growth). This is the job you've been waiting for. Seriously.

(3) App Developer
I can get a 14-year-old kid to make an App — for this job, you have to be at least 15 (kidding). Seriously though, we need a top-notch App developer that is more than someone who can just write code. We need someone with serious design skills, who thinks UI is an art form, and is totally committed to making a user experience that is clean, simple, functional and beautiful. We have a ton of projects just waiting for you. You can start tomorrow. I’m not joking.

(4) Other Warm Bodies
OK, that’s an exaggeration — they don’t need to be warm. We’re working on a few other positions that we’ll be posting very soon, so keep an eye out here on the blog and as soon as we get them fleshed out, I’ll let you know.

A little bit about us
Kelby Media Group is an awesome place to work, with a casual work environment, really cool offices (link to photos-part 1, and part 2), and you’ll have to opportunity to really make a difference, doing some really important stuff, alongside some really brilliant people already on our team.

We only hire kick-butt, highly motivated, really smart and creative people, so if you get a job here, you know you're the best of the best (and we treat you like it).

If any of these sounds like a perfect fit for you, or someone you know, then come and work for us! If you post a comment here asking for our HR dept, we'll email the contact info where to can send your resume (don't send us a stuffy resume that sounds like you're looking for a job at Bank of America. They'll weed you out way before it gets to me, and I want you to make the cut).

That's the gig. Although we're pretty casual about a lot of things, we're really serious about finding incredible talent — people with a great attitude, ethics, passion, and personality. If that sounds like you, I want to meet you. Soon!

  1. Hi Scott

    Please send me the HR details. I’m from Cape Town in South Africa and looking to move back to the US. I want to apply for the “Marketing Genius” position. Have a background degree in Public Relations and an International Diploma in Professional Photography and work experience in both fields. The perfect fit for the position.

    You can email me at jjacobspies@gmail.com

    I look forward hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Jacques Spies

  2. Hi Scott. Thank you for the opportunity. I am very interested in the video editor position. I want to combine my two passions: photoshop and video production. Please email me the HR department info to acclimfonseca@gmail.com. Hope to hear soon from you guys.

  3. This post is totally cool!
    If I were in US and if I were creative I would apply for sure! But I’m not in the US and not creative at all.
    I am wondering why I still read this blog…maybe because it rocks??

  4. Please send the contact info for the Marketing Position on to allen[at]littleflowerstudio.com. I am looking forward to the opportunity to make the cut.Thanks!

  5. App developer position sounds interesting, but I’m not quite sure how to take the joke in front of it. If I posted something similar about wanting a great photoshop instructor w/ all the great teen photoshoppers nowadays, how would you feel? :-P
    How exactly do you apply for these positions?

  6. Hi Scott when will you implement Kelby Media in Europe mainly in France?. I’m ready to apply if so ;). Un café et un croissant will be great. As you know we have a lot of opportunities here ;)!

  7. I would like to havethe info of the HR department. Hehe, I’ve had the best education on photography and photoshop that is available. Fortunately, you are from the very few that would value that. My email gasv@me.com

  8. Hi , I m shahid, I m interested & warm body, Please check my profile i just be leave to show my work, I will thankful to you if you give me chance to show myself, pk.linkedin.com/pub/sh-shahid-majeed/39/b9a/919/

  9. Send me the HR department info so we can discuss further details regarding a possible job position. I will definitely add to the Scott Kelby team …

  10. Greetings!

    Scott – It amazes me how consistently kind, generous and loyal you are to the friends / followers you’ve welcomed to your space online. From sharing your experiences, teachings, trials and successes. As a long time follower I read every day (had the good fortune to meet you in Hartford, CT ’08 & at PSW DC ’12) and appreciate what you give to us.

    This latest gesture of recruiting among your “online family” really struck me as another gift to those of us who follow your blog and live / breathe NAPP / KMG. I wish I was an expert in and awesome at any of the one positions you’ve listed. Sadly, I’m not.

    Although… I am a warm body who’d be a late hours hard working guy (I don’t need no stinkin’ clock!). So if HR needs someone to help hold Pete’s mirror while he prepares to go on at PSUTV or Brad needs help finding RC’s iPad. I’m your guy!

    One of these days…


    Take Care!


  11. I fall into the “Warm Bodies” group – I’m an award winning technical writer who could write your Kelby Training books. :) Can you send me the email for the HR dept at rjhoughton [at] gmail.com?

  12. Hi Scott, What can you tell me about the application development position? Does it interface with a content management system (CMS)? What languages outside of JavaScript, HTML and CSS is being used?

  13. Hello! I’m actually a pretty good warm body, but an even better Marketing Genius. Don’t let me young age fool you, I have a degree and great references to back me up! I was actually messaged by a family member of mine to check you out! I’m pretty sure you know him, but I’m hoping to get a shot! Please send me more contact information if it is available at amitdipaknaik@gmail.com! Thanks for taking a look!

  14. Of course, tempt me all you like but I am the UK Evangelist and my country and my Queen needs me ! Good luck in finding the right people, the skills matter but its all about the people!
    Why would i want to leave grey moody, lifeless skies and constant cold weather of England for a warm, sunny climate in a fun state working for the greatest people in the best job…..

  15. Hi, would you hire a foreigner? I’m really interested and I think I got some skills that could help you guys! Hopefully you can… Please send me the HR info! Thanks!

  16. Well this is exciting!

    I have a habit of delivering breakthrough marketing and have done so in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. I’ve been looking for a place that throws out big challenges. I’d love to hear more about the marketing positions.


  17. I just want you to know that it is my dream to work at Kelby Training…I wouldn’t care if I was the freakin janitor! But in the mean time I DO have someone that is an incredible video editor that would love to work for you. Please send me the info! Have a great day!

  18. Geek girl rocks Adobe by day at a national magazine and plays roller derby at night. I would kill to work at Kelby Media (well, at least maim a little) and I think Photoshop World would be the cats pajamas. No seriously, I’m a dog person and would wear those if it earned me some Kelby Media geek cred. Can I please have the HR contact info in order to send my resume and info to you fine people?

    Thank you!

  19. HR – Ex IT military warm body here that’s willing and waiting and ready (literally, bags are packed due to my apartment catching fire this weekend and ready to go anywhere at anytime. Looking to fill one of those warm bodies roles. ~Derick

  20. Hey…
    Id love to have the HR info… Im an Editor based in Washington DC. But have worked in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami (Ha… Worked for Don King Productions in Deerfield Beach…), New york…

  21. Just wanted to say I dig your digs and creative culture and atmosphere. It was the ideal type of job I originally thought of when I was in film school. Do not think I could live in Florida though. Hope you find the right people!

  22. I do want to work with you Scott! If your HR department has a need for a Sql/VB/Excel programmer who gets his main kicks from Photography …(And who has also had enought of the cold northeast), please let me know where to send my resume! This would be my dream job! Cheers!

  23. Hello Mr. Kelby… I have ur autograph in my iPad u made me last year in the workshop LIGHT IT SHOOT IT RETOUCH IT here in Tampa. My name is Pedro J Santana and my passion is Photography… You can see part of my work at http://www.lipebe.com... Please I will like to ask to HR about the resume and job offering…I will love to setup an interview with u. my e-mail is pedrojsantana@live.com
    Thank You so much.

  24. Dear Scott,
    Thanks for your amazing offer.It would be wonderful if I could immediately rush off to be with my Guru but I am in far away India and it would take a lot of planning.Is there anything I can do from this part of the country( the north east of India) ?

  25. I would love to have more information from the HR department on your available positions. My specialty is image editing and processing. My birth certificate may not support me, but my name is Dave. And because you hire everyone named Dave, just tell me when to start packing. Please send more info to patricia_lombardi@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  26. Hi, I’d be very interested in a position with Kelby Media Group. I’m an Animator/Artist in the Tampa area with over 20 yrs experience. I’m currently freelancing from home. My email is apwilson67@yahoo.com. Thank you for time and consideration. Hope to hear from you!

  27. I would be very interested in working in the marketing department. I have the skills and experience to come up with an execute great ideas! I think you will find me to be a good fit for Kelby Training. I look forward to hearing from the HR department.

    Thank you for the opportunity
    Zach Larsen

  28. Wow, how did I miss this post! Scott, and Kelby Training team, I would love to talk with you about joining the market development team. Please do send me the contact information for your HR department, and I’ll contact them at once!


  29. Bonjour,
    I have just heard about your company through one of my marketing professors at University of Tampa and I’m amazed by what Kelby Media group is doing. I’m graduating in the fall with a degree in marketing and an entrepreneurship background. Please send me the HR information at lnoah@spartans.ut.edu.
    Thank you!

  30. Hey guys,

    Sounds like a damn fine opportunity – If you haven’t already had your fill of inbox flooding, if you wouldn’t mind sending me some info to j.molush@gmail.com and Ill add another resume and a slew of videos to the prospective hire list!

  31. Hello,

    I know I am very late to this post but I will give it a shot. I am a re-recording mixer in NYC considering a move to the Tampa/Sarasota area. I have been down to Siesta Key many times in the last 25 years and have always wanted to move down, this could be a chance.
    If you have the need for any audio work please give me a shout. I also have a love for photography and have rented a course and seen Scott at B&H. Here is a link to my IMDB page:


    All the best


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